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Snippet #2406988

located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Aven Otis Character Portrait: Ren Shotuo
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Ren Shotuo

The young boy lifted the baggy sleeves helplessly and shurgged. "This is quite big on me." He remarked. He allowed her to try her best to fix his suit. "Go ahead and do what you can Aven, because I want you to be happy." He smiled at his maid and stood straight. Ren tried his best not to fidget as she pinned up the loose fabric.

"I must say you look quite dashing, It may look a bit strange from the back, but most people will be looking at you from the frount, I would sppose sir. Is it alright?"

He stepped towards the three paned mirorr to have a look at his altered suit. "Hmm.." He thought. "I think I can fix this a bit more." He told her with a bit more confidence in his apperance.

Ren got to work on his suit. First he had Aven pin up the suits shirt. While he found a jacket that would work with the black pants and grey shirt.

"What do you think of this jacket Aven?" He asked. The boy was holding up a dark blue coat with silver buttons. The silver cufflinks shone in the light. Making the R glow and twinkle.

He nodded at his choice and put the suit on again, this time with the new jacket.

The fabric fit perfectly. There were no more unnescary baggs, and loose cloth. He practicly gleamed as he went out to show his Maid. "I think we have done a splendid job! He said happily.