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located in Aurora, a part of Prophecy, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Energy on the brink of being totally drained, Elle was almost tearing apart, physically and mentally. The force-field she kept up for so long was rapidly waning, she not knowing how long she was going to last. It seemed that both young men were going to stand their ground and stand by Elle. Were they showing a little bit of kindness towards her? Elle couldn't correctly answer knowing she hadn't been shown that type of emotion for so long, thinking of it as wishful thinking. But right now was not the time to think of such foolish thoughts! All three were in danger and Elle had to protect them. "I will not run!", the golden blonde man shouted, continuing to stand his ground.

Out of nowhere, an arrow zoomed past everyone's path, instantly shooting the wild aggressive and vile solider on horse, knocking him off the horse and killing him. He fell off immediately, laying on the ground with bloody gurgling last breath, "One more dead in the whore's army..", the young man vehemently stated. Elle readily didn't react to such a disturbance, too focused with keeping her guard up and protecting the others. Who shot the arrow that went straight piercing the soldier's neck? At first, no one knew but sure enough the person who did stepped out of the earthen shadows, displaying themselves for all to see, the person jumping down from some large tree right into their path.

Right away, the person looked muddy and grimy, smelling of forest and animal; a smell that Elle would never forget. If Elle had her senses and bearing she would've automatically felt sorry for them, wanting to soothe and ease their plight and suffering. The person not announcing themselves readily just walked stealthily to the now fallen deceased solider, breaking the arrow from the man's neck, collecting the arrow as if being frugal and saving it for another foe to shoot dead next time. Then the person looked back to them, "I am going to Fairhaven...", a female voice cracked finally. This person appeared to be silent most of the time, not using their voice often, "They need our help...".

Fairhaven needed their help too? It couldn't be surprising knowing that everything was falling apart around them, absolute chaos and madness filtering the air. The person finally pulled back their hood, revealing a muddied and pale female who looked very wary of being around them or anyone else for that matter. Her dirty blond hair was matted with dirt and grime just like the rest of her tattered and worn to death furred apparel. But Elle wasn't really bothered with that, immediately spotting the comet-mark on the young woman's shoulder.... The foretold archer who also was a hero, she being the one! "Fairhaven...this is happening in fairhaven as well..", the golden blonde man sighed with much wearied stress as he cleaned his bloody sword by using the crock of his underarm, "I am going as well then..". Maybe it was best they all went there....

By now, Elle was stumbling to the ground, her knees desperately holding up her exhausted body. Her power took a toll on her causing her not to respond much to her surroundings or to others. She truly needed rest! "They need our help.", the young woman repeated, defeat lacing her every word. Elle wanted to comfort her but she couldn't, exhaustion feigned body not allowing her to do so. "The old man spoke of a prophecy..said others would be branded..including me, but I never believed him..", the man added, sheathing his sword....

Immediately hooves from a horse could be sound from the near distance. Elle rose her head in slight initial panic, caring not to see another Bandrial solider. Instead, a young man, who looked roguish, rode a raven black mare closer to the group from the west side of them. The horse huffed with displeasure seeming to not like being around other humans but the one on it's back. How odd and peculiar, Elle sensing something curiously off about the horse, almost liking to mannerisms and behaviors of a human. The horse was about to turn it's head, steering clear of the others, but as quick as it did that, it quickly turned it's head back to them, standing majestically in it's spot, it looking somewhat tensed. In that short amount of time the mare did that, Elle noticed a mark on it's back that looked eerily familiar to the rest of the others who were branded the same by the comet.

Why did this mare have a mark just like them? Elle began to think that she was just hallucinating, having seen quite a few markings already. "Uh…I don’t know happenings around here being a civilian of Wen Lief and I especially don’t know what that Fairhaven is… However, seeing as there have been recent um casualties, people of the mark, and the impending danger of being attacked again as earlier, shouldn’t we get to somewhere safe? Oh um…are you all of the mark…as I am..?", the raven haired man finally spoke up again with much questioning, trying to find out if everyone was marked by the comet as well. Elle slowly turned her head into his direction, "Wen Lief... Allies of Clerics...", out of breath and highly exhausted was all she could muster in reply to him.

Removing his black gloves and unwrapping his violet cloth around his right arm, his comet-mark was revealed for all to see.... This had to be the dark mage who was chosen as a hero by the comet! "I’m Damien Vespera of the Wen Lief Mages. Who are you all? Oh…we should probably move as we talk…right?", he introduced himself and asked everyone and then finally suggested, seeming to look out for everyone's safety while being a little unsure of himself. The golden blonde man walked by Elle's kneeling side taking her by a firm gentle grip, helping her somewhat to her feet, "Can you walk?", he asked earnestly. Elle couldn't shake her head yes or answer him, just firmly griping his muscular arm, shakily trying to keep from falling over again.

"You have a lot to catch up on outsider..", he said to Damien, looking to him and then to the woodswoman, nodding to her in a gesture to lead the way, "Talk and run..if we are to get there in time.". How ironic of him to say, knowing that was what Elle did for the last hour or two but she agreed with them, their surroundings not safe to loiter about carelessly. Elle couldn't hold herself anymore, using the golden blonde man's arm for support. So much happened in such a short amount of time for Elle and she wasn't sure if she could deal with another "surprise" if it should come their way....