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located in Taakeira, a part of Rift, one of the many universes on RPG.


The world in which our story takes place.


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"Unfortunately this is my first time in these tunnels as well. Despite the extent which this labyrinth seems to extend I've no knowledge of these structures before. While they have provided us with escape for now I," Phile paused and took a quick glance around before lowering her voice,"I wish to vacate these tunnels as soon as possible; danger taints the air here."

She had no warriors instinct, no twist in her gut or shiver down her spine that would ever alert her to malicious intent. But she did have a healers knowledge. With the only vent sealed the air beneath the village ablaze was stagnate and damp; blood tainted the air. The moist walls dampened much of the sounds of villagers passing by, their cries, their anger. Keeping close to Flynn as Kai pushed through the clots of people, Phile allowed mana to trickle out of her finger tips, out of her own body and into the veins of others. It was a fools hope that everyone could be saved but every life preserved was a world saved.

The girl she had so carefully kept tucked at her side disappeared. In the dancing light of the green torch Phile saw the lanky silhouette of the man that traveled with her not hours ago. What a relief.

"Mr. Valka," she spoke as she twisted the ends of a gaping wound with a glancing touch,"This cannot be all the villagers. Where is Ms. Ingram, or Mr. Bell? Or even Major Pool? Please, tell me, what has become of the village?" Phile hardly noticed coming to a fork in the path before they were attacked as words burst forth like a breaking damn.

Someone screamed. A young woman that had traveled as far as she dared through the tunnels regarded the unwelcome soldiers with unfettered fear, shrieking oh so that her voice ricocheted alerting anyone immediately. Soldiers poured forth from the darkness, monstrous and magical in the green light. Her body moved as if neck deep in water; she could hardly react. A hand grabbed her arm with bruising strength, pulling her close. The struggle and screams she put forth were but an instinctual response, all higher forms of thought frozen in panic.

As if from a distance Phile caught the sounds and flashes of action taken by her companions. It was a chaos of bodies, blood, blades, and magic, the weight of the conflict oppressing all else. Attempting to call for help only resulted in a shriek. Pain shot up her leg and she stumbled. A gun fired, the sound deafening her. The walls shook. Phile scrambled to her feet, grabbing the first figure she saw in--dear Sol-- that it be a friendly. Earth feel from the ceiling and suddenly she was plunged into darkness.

Dust and dirt peppered the air making breathing a health hazard for a minute. Phile grasped around in the dark; the mage's green torch seemed to have gone out when the tunnel collapsed. A voice sounded, it was Sir Cole. He and two other guards come brandishing swords and torches shuffled into the clearing. Most villagers that had made it to the fork had vacated the area, others were not so lucky, a sight more clearly seen; in the torchlight Phile adverted her eyes.

The guards held their torches aloft attempting to piece together what had happened. "Is everyone okay?" Sir Cole sounded strained and uncertain but he still stood by his post. Admirable.

"I-I believe we are a-all relativly. I mean, we have lost some-"Phile's eyes widened as she took a headcount, "W-where...?"

Phile allowed her gaze to straw to the rocky ruins. She covered her mouth and attempted to not lose whatever self-control she had left.