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located in Celnaria, a part of Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tyron Balance
Dancer – Level 1
EXP: 4/5
Alexander- Central (The Rooftops)

Tyron grinned as broadly as a Cheshire cat at the sight of the rather attractive stranger as she approached, more so at how well he thought having her hair tousled and breathing heavy fit her than in her answer to his inquiry, but that was definitely worthy of a broad grin as well. A slight chuckle escaped from the dancer’s lips at the woman’s, somewhat, unnecessary question and the light teasing she directed his way, he didn’t think it necessary to prove just how capable he was at the moment, but there was almost never a problem with the slightest displays of skill. He allowed a slight pause to pass as the curvaceous woman turned and began traversing the rooftops once again, wanting to take in the sight of her . . . assets momentarily before commencing to follow her, calling out somewhat jokingly, “Well, I can’t find anything that convinces me not to, miss.”

Other than their initial, and brief, initial exchange of words though, very little was said between Tyron and the stranger as they travelled to the disturbance on the other side of the area, probably for different reasons though. He could only imagine what kept his current companion quiet, but by the look he managed to catch on her face every now and again and the intent with which she stared off at their destination it might be curiosity at what they would find once they arrived. His reasons were a touch more personal though, he didn’t want to offer any unnecessary information to some stranger who just walked up to him while scrounging for excitement in the Hunt, and asking too many questions never sent out the appropriate vibes he found conducive to information gathering. Despite the quiet between them, Tyron would say he was still extremely pleased with his current company, at the least for being able to watch her run and jump about; it was making him extremely anxious to get back to Lorna soon.

Tyron was impressed at how athletic the woman proved to be, showing she was more than capable of handling the trek across the rooftops, even if this was the more crowded section of the city, but he would have much preferred the pace at which he had been moving prior to their meeting. The anticipation and boredom, as well as wanting to prove his abilities just a tad-bit, had Tyron tending towards taking the more difficult jumps and higher routes whenever possible, but only performing mild acrobatic feats, nothing too spectacular or of particular note. He did notice more movement across the rooftops as they neared their destination though; however it seemed they were the only ones travelling towards the disturbance closer to the central of Center Alexander, piquing his curiosity as to what had happened.

It took them a relatively short amount of time to arrive at the area they wanted and catch the tail-end of whatever the hell had happened earlier, finding an area covered in flames with what appeared to be a Cremiere Dragoon in battle with a goobbue. “Well, it looks like I found the right place to view a decent fight, even if it doesn’t last all that long. Sure am glad I’m smart enough to not take part in this fool’s tourney.” With that Tyron looked around for a decent enough balcony to claim as his perch and laid down on his side with his left arm propping up his head, he needed to be comfortable while watching a fight after all. He turned his head to look at the woman after situating himself, “So, care to take a seat?”