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Eric’s mind was racing, between the people crowding him, the fact that there was some idiot vampire attacking who was his and the sweet, intoxicating smell of Melody’s blood all he wanted to do was spring into action and drain every person in a fifty foot radius, which sadly enough included Melody. Eric was aware that her scent was intoxicating, but her blood was like nothing he’d ever smelled before. It was sunshine, freshly baked cookies and like dust after the rain. He knew that the first thing he had to do was to get the hell out of there and get Melody somewhere safe which was the crux of the situation. He adored Melody and all he wanted to do right now was taste her, he could only imagine the way Pam or any other vampire would act. He’d sincerely hate to kill anyone, least of all his progeny. As a matter of fact he was barely able to believe in his own restraint as it were.

As a matter of fact, Eric could barely listen to anything that was said, not the officers or the scared patrons. All he could focus on was the sweet, red stickiness that was readily apparent all over Melody. If anyone had taken a close look at the blond vampire they wouldn’t have mistaken the look on his face for hunger. As it were it took everything he had not to reach over and start cleaning the blood from her with his tongue.

Eric was seemingly brought back to life at the mention of them being allowed to go. Pulling his gaze away from Melody he looked at the crowd surrounding and mentally made a note to glamour the officials. The last thing they needed was anyone poking around in their business. As for the vampire who dared to touch who was his, he’d be taking care of that without the help of the boys in blue.

Looking down at the petite brunette, he nodded in silence as began to gather her up in his arms, and gave a last look at the bathroom where he knew the vampire he was going to show the true death had been moments before. “Of course, home. First, we should clean you up.” He murmured so only she could hear as he strode out of the restaurant and back to their vehicle. Setting her down onto her feet, he stood over her and regarded her much like a starving man would a sandwich. Tentatively he reached out a hand and with his index finger trailed his hand through the coagulating blood still upon Melody. Slowly he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked the sticky sweetness from it, his glacial blue eyes never leaving Melody’s.

“You said doctors won’t know, what won’t they know, Melody? You know there is no substitute for the healing properties of vampire blood, all you have to do is tell me and it’s yours.” Sighing slightly, he ran a hand through his hair and did his best to grab a hold of his thirst before regarding the woman before him warmly.