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located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Sitting crossed legged on top of one of the big dj speakers Mikaela played with the spiked bracelets on her wrist. She was waiting patiently backstage in one of the green rooms of the Kinetic Field for her friend Vincent to come back. Vincent was one of the first people she had met after moving to Las Vegas and he was the person who introduced her to the whole EDC experience. Vincent was a member of the Insomniac Events team which was group behind the Electric Daisy Carnival. Ever year they came to the dusty Las Vegas Motor Speedway and transformed it into a legit carnival ground fully of everything you would find at your average carnival but with so much more. EDC was basically the DisneyLand for adults (and teens) who knew and wanted to party like they had never partied before.

"What's going on Keely!" Mikaela's eyes instantly shot up as Vincent walked through the black drapes and over to her. Embracing each other she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in as he took hold of her waist and squeezed tightly, "Ahhh your hurting me!" she squealed. The two friends laughed as their hug broke, "Sorry. It's just been a really long time since I've seen you. And your still looking good as always." Happily grinning she let out a small giggle "No hay problema mi amigo. I can't lie I've missed you too. Then again since we only see each other during EDC weekend it's expected."

Vincent shrugged his shoulders "Yeah I guess your right." Pulling a duffel bag out from under on of the couches in the room he plopped the bag down on the speaker next to Mikaela. "Got something for you.", he said as he unzipped the bag and pulled out the VIP wristbands. "Knowing you I wasn't sure how many you would need so I got you a bunch. You can give them to the people you came with or the random crazies you bump into. I really don't care.", placing the bundle of wristbands in her hands Mikaela smiled "Gracias."

Hopping down off the speaker Mikaela danced around to the music she heard coming from the stage. She watched Vincent as he moved back over to the couch and started taking other items out of his duffel bag. She swayed her hips to the music keeping her eyes on him curious as to what else the guy was packing. When she noticed him place a bunch of beautiful blue colored gel tabs on the table she asked "What is that?" with a raised brow. "LSD. Or acid as it is often called." When it came to the drug game Mikaela stayed away from the hard stuff like meth, crack, cocaine and the other stuff like that but just the look of the tablets made her want to give it a try.

"You selling?" she asked as she suddenly stopped dancing and walked over to the couch he was sitting at and plopped down beside him. With a shrug he replied "Possibly. Not really sure yet. There is already a big deal of drugs being passed around and if I get caught selling I'd lose my job." Mikaela nodded "Well if your not gonna sell it and you obviously can't take all of it. Wanna share it?", she could hear Vincent chuckle and as he looked at her he smiled "With you .. sure."

Vincent told her after taking the tablet that it would take 30 to 90 minutes to feel the effect. He had also given her some for later which if she happened to like the effects she got from it this time she would defiantly be taking it over the weekend. Getting in line for one of the rides she knew that she could just cut to the front by using the wristband but the line wasn't really long so she didn't mind waiting. She glanced around the carnival grounds looking back behind her every once in while.

As the next group of people got on the ride Mikaela leaned against the metal railing. She was in her own world when someone bumped into her. Before she could even turn around to look at the person who had just knocked into her he was around apologizing."Oh, sorry mamí." Mikaela eyes looked the teenage boy up and down as she checked him out not being discreet in the less. "No hay problema papi.", the guy wasn't exactly dressed to impress like most of the people at the festival but she had to admit he was cute.

"I'm Kaaaale-", her eyebrow raised as the guy introduced himself to her, "Weird" she thought to herself. "Nice to meet you Kaaaale am Mikaela. Also known as Kale at times but with me it's just Kale not Kaaaale." As he motioned to the girl standing beside him Mikaela smile "This is my best friend, Kite." Mikaela nodded "Kite. I like.", she said with a smirk as she took two of the wristbands out of her pocket. Taking hold of boy's wrist she placed the band on his wrist then did the same to the girl. "Next!" the voice of the man conducting the ride could be heard in the background, "Finally!" she said excitedly as she turned from the two teens she had just met and headed up to the ride.