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Snippet #2411725

located in Future Earth, much that once was is lost., a part of Let's take over the world!, one of the many universes on RPG.

Future Earth, much that once was is lost.



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Character Portrait: Dasin Frost Character Portrait: Charnel Character Portrait: Aiden 'Blaze' Hunter Character Portrait: Yuki Tantalis Character Portrait: Kor Secret-Fire Character Portrait: Alauniira Character Portrait: Hayato Kurozaki Character Portrait: Skurge
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Once the necromancer had left her side and scurried over to Yuki, Dasin went to sit the opposite side of her lord, letting the others file in behind them. She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at Charnel's excitement over the dragon girl. As far as Dasin was concerned although the girl could prove valuable she had thus far only proved how naive and immature she was. Which was odd, considering the girl claimed to be hundred and eighty years old. What had she spent this entire time doing? Telling people she was the last dragon and wondering why she was getting chased? Dasin allowed herself a little smile at her own personal joke.

And then there was the drider, who was currently making a mess of her ceiling. She clicked her tongue in her mouth, almost wanting to order the woman down but pursed her lips instead. She had no intention of causing a power struggle with the woman like the poor attempt that had happened out in the hallway between the arachnid and dragon-girl. If they were allies she would just have to get used to her, but that did not mean for one moment she liked having 'The dark whisper' in her halls. Saying that she didn't like having Charnel around at first either.

Wait, she still didn't like having the Lich around. But he had proved useful a hundred times over. Using some of Yuki's breathing exercises she attempted to calm her mind as the dragon, apparently called 'Aidan' told her life story once more. Opening her eyes she became aware that Allauniira had made her way over to her. She hated how easily the creature could sneak up on her, and damned her own senses, her right hand tightly closing over her scythe for just a moment before releasing it. Minotaurs weren't exactly known for hunting spiders. No less master assassin spiders. Counting her blessings she had managed not to attempt to swing her scythe at the beast she leaned forward to Yuki.

"And the Ghostman" she said pointedly marking the man's existence, who, quite frankly seemed the most sane here. And she dearly hoped he wouldn't turn on his heel and walk away. "Of course, she needs no introduction" she added leaning back and looking at Allauniira. "It would appear we have a celebrity in our mists" she expressed evenly to the woman. "I only know you from names of the shadows thought, Vemon's embrace, I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of your name. Mine is Dasin, the man in the black is Charnel and in front of us is Lord Yuki, the ruler of this castle." This introduction was for everyone, but most of all Dasin was anxious to get on with their plans. The two pieces of paper detailing the missions sat in front of Charnel, she motioned to him to send them over to her.


Yuki regarded each of the newcomers in turn with the same small smile and subtle nod. He acknowledged Charnel’s excitement of the dragon but didn’t share the Lich’s enthusiasm. He considered it must be rather lonely being the last of any kind of thing. But it was nice to see the necromancer so happy about something. The drider had taken up residence beside Dasin, he felt an odd sensation looking at the creature, he had a feeling he could beat her and almost wanted to try. Something about the woman wanted to make him cut her in half. His red eyes became a slightly deeper shade of crimson while he passed the concept in his mind , an inward smirk playing across his face. The ghostman looked like a nice sort of fellow altogether, after all Yuki had caught the man looking at his map, he wondered if the man thought it was any good.

Standing up he brushed his dark hair from his face, tucking the strands behind his pointed ear. "I welcome you all to my home" his voice carrying across the room as he felt something, or better someone familiar. "And I welcome you back, Hayato" he said turning his head to the door, his exclaimation loud enough to make it down the hallway to his former ally's ears.