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located in Future Earth, much that once was is lost., a part of Let's take over the world!, one of the many universes on RPG.

Future Earth, much that once was is lost.



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Character Portrait: Dasin Frost Character Portrait: Charnel Character Portrait: Aiden 'Blaze' Hunter Character Portrait: Yuki Tantalis Character Portrait: Kor Secret-Fire Character Portrait: Alauniira Character Portrait: Hayato Kurozaki Character Portrait: Skurge Character Portrait: Kaito Tantalis
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She gazed at Skurge in some amusement. She certainly hadn't thought the little goblin would have had that little trick up his sleeve. But it was very interesting. Stepping over to Charnel, Dasin picked up the other missive by the necromancer. "I'll start now Aidan, it's important to understand what we all will be doing" she explained briefly, understanding the young dragon's impatience as she felt the same herself.

"I'll start with the villager's request, we received word from the village nearby, no doubt some of you may have passed through. They sent a messenger up to the castle to request our help. The messenger explained that they had a Hob Goblin problem near the town."She cleared her throat and continued. "Now often Hob Goblins wouldn't be an issue for the village, there are many capable fighters to defend the town, however they are uneasy about the presence of this particular clan. They detailed that they felt the Goblins were stronger somehow, a little smarter and had been able to use increasing amounts of magic. Dasin paused, goblins using magic was usually unheard of, one generally had to have some sort of control for the magic to be any good or of notice, occasionally one curious goblin might pick up a magic staff and cause havoc happily for a few days- point stick, fire happens seemed to be a rare gift for the race- until it was put down. But the messenger had been quite certain that one or two of the creatures were using magic themselves.

"We've been asked to go take a look. In return the village will provide us we a few young fighters, access to trading and a pre-warning runner if trouble seems to be coming our way. It would be imperative we complete this job, not having to worry about the village as enemies and having done them a good favor will only help us in the long run. Now as we all know, Hob Goblins are a tricky sort, they tend to stick in big groups, and for all their stupidity are excellent at making three things; traps, tunnels and explosives. You'll go to the village and get more information there." Dasin placed down the scrap of paper. The goblin mission would certainly take a great deal of observation and stamina. The little bastards seemed to have a abundance of each other and like nothing better than catching live prey in which to torture for fun or eat, mostly both. It was strange how the creatures had become such a threat, certainly numbers were always worrying, but intelligent magic using goblins? It was a terrifying thought. Dasin noted that the possibility that the goblins had been interfered with in some way to be very great, much like she suspected Skurge had been; after all, a magic transforming arm was generally not evolved.

Putting aside her thoughts, she maintained her current clarification "The second has been given to us by a Water Magi this morning. Something of high value was stolen from him by another Magi. He details that any measure of use can be exploited to retrieve this item. He doesn't explain much in the message but he has agreed to meet with us and explain further should we accept. He says he can get us into the Magi's place of residence without being detected but cannot help from there since he would be using all his magical prowess just to do so. In return the Water magi explains we can take anything we deem of value from the tower and he would join our cause. The lack of detail about the thief himself and what exactly had been stolen was a little unnerving for Dasin but the benefits way outweighed the risks, and it was time they started taking risks.

I suggest that Aidan travels with Yuki to the village, the both of you should be more than enough for the Hob's but we'll send two more with you for back up. I'll attend to the Magi, I think the Lady Drider would be most useful but we shall need two others. Any questions? she concluded.

((Okay guys, head to the OOC and discuss what missions you want, I'll be starting these up tomorrow,hopefully sooner if everyone gets on, if you can't decide I'll put you into groups.))



The thoughts of dodging the Hob's homemade and throw-able explosives seemed to tickle the Demon Lord's fancy. As did their current goblin guest. Skurge greatly charmed Yuki into liking him almost immediately. "Hm, if you come with me I'll make sure Skurge gets good weapons to have in his belly" he regaled to the miniature beast grinning at him like a child who had just gotten away with something naughty.

The Magi- Frenus Tot

He grumbled as he looked at the door in front of him, the demon on the other side was certainly insolent. But he wouldn't be for long, oh no. It was nearing the end of the day and then there would only be two days left until his master took the boy and he would receive his reward. He giggles at the thought, there would be no stopping Tot in 48 hours time. And after all, what could go wrong in that small amount of time?

Frenus looked down at the bucket of water in his hand, he had been told to look after the little demon and throwing a bucket of water over Kaito seemed like a generour thing to do. The smell had been getting to the Magi. Grinning to himself he opened the lock and stepped inside.