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Noah edged through the Edge and made sure that no one suspicious had followed her, after seeing that she was alone, she dashed off. She had always had a thing about being exactly on time, if not early. To put it easily, Noah hated being late, it made her nervous, so she was happy when she checked her watch, seeing that it was exactly ten o'clock.

When Noah entered the headquarters, she was surprised at the amount of people who had shown up, the job market for people of lower classes must have been worse than she thought. She stood on her toes to look for Sera and Kyle, only seeing Sera at first. She headed over to say hello. On her way to Sera she was stopped by Derrick Ackerson, one of the more prominent members of the group.

"Hey Noah," he said, grabbing her arm lightly. "Thanks for coming, I know that you have a job, but we really do need people to support those who don't." He smiled. "I'm just going to let everyone know about the papers that we have collected for openings, I hope we have enough."

"No problem," Noah replied. "Anything to help out the cause. And I'm sure you will, I'll try to look out for more for the next meeting." She moved away from him and over to Sera, smiling widely as she approached the artistic girl. "Hey Sera," she started, "Have you been working on anything new lately? Oh, and is Kyle here?"