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Snippet #2414047

located in Zeelasa, a part of Zeelasa: War of Rifts, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to the realm of wonder and beauty but to the far west Rifts eat away at it's history...


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Character Portrait: Daria Juliana Salamasina
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Daria felt her gown russling aroung her feet. Her delicate silver crown (picture th ones in the first Narnia movie) sat upon her head, embedded with a few precious emeralds that matched her eyes. She pushed the doors of the conference room open, stepping onto a balcony. Two burly armed guards stood on either side of her, two of magic, two of machine. They were not only her guards, but her advisors as well.

Daria overlooked her people with a gentle gaze, eyes fixtated on her. She knew a speech was expected, and a speech she knew she must be the one to give. A speech of calming, yet a speech of warning. So she crossed her hands and spoke to her people.

"The good citizens of Zeelasa, it has been brought to my attention that a Rift Lord has entered our precious city undetected, in the recent hours. We beg you remain calm, and will send out warriors to defend us. However, we shall not provoke the Rift Lords further. Instead, our war will remain as in our defense at the time being, and in defense only. Eventually, I daresay we will be forced to take offensive preportions, although we are not yet, I am afriad, prepared for an all out war with the Rifters. However, we will prepare, should we be forced to take such a stance. So worry not, yet take heed. Take necessary precautions to keep you and your families safe, keep the young ones inside. In case of attack, I would be glad to grant the victims shelter within my own home, yet I pray that none of you are to be forced to accept my offers. Warriors will patrol ever street, and I beg you stay out of their way. I know some of you have low tolerance for the city's soldiers, but they are here for your own protection. Also, if anyone at all, of any age, has any inkling even of the movements of the Rift Lords, I ask you come forward. There is no need to fear: your revelations will remain annonymous, between you and I, and my advisors. No one else need to know. My people, have patience. We are doing all we can to protect you from these monstrosities, yet we need your cooperation in order to succeed in our efforts."

Daria let out her breath, raising a hand to her people. "Please, have faith. Keep faith in us, and we will in you. We will, ultimately, prevail, as long as we have your full support and cooperation." She leaned over the edge of the balcony. "If anyone has any information for us, please wait at the castle gate. Everyday, my guards there shall wait, all you must do is speak a single word. Audience," she let the word roll of her tongue. "But, at this point, I must ask, return to your homes and jobs, we have this under control for the time being."