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Snippet #2414145

located in Zeelasa, a part of Zeelasa: War of Rifts, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to the realm of wonder and beauty but to the far west Rifts eat away at it's history...


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Character Portrait: Siero Caprico
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Siero was on a stealing spree that day. He chuckled softly to himself as he counted the few gold coins he managed to get from the lady earlier. The little bird remembered; there she was walking down the street, too open. The boy, walking casually, accidentally bumped into her. Neither of them were suspecting each other’s movement. They bid their pardon, and walked away like nothing happened. Oh, little she know that she was stolen. Either ways, if managed to steal few more coins, he would be able to sleep somewhere nice and warm for the rest of the week. Smirking to himself, he remember what he said to the guard when he was in prison, tortured:

「 Until I’ve stolen six billion things, I - 」

He was interrupted as he heard a scream. Whose scream? He didn’t care. The thief swipe out his dagger, looking around in safety. He wondered what is happening. His heart pounded so much it hurts. The little bird took both of his hands on the dagger, then put them on his chest, trying to calm himself down. Soon, his eyes meet as a crowd was around him. He looked back; he was in front of the castle. Perfect.

The thief didn’t care much about the speech; he needed to act quickly. In fact, if he wasn’t, he could be arrested. There was too much around him. He hustled through the crowd, taking few coins to those who doesn’t look. When it was clear in front of him, he took his steps to run away. He thought that they won’t think that a young child would look suspicious to run away. Even, he looked quite scared; most would understand. He was scared, but not for what is happening. He heard the Queen talking, but he was too far away to understand.

He quickly escaped in an unoccupied street, closing his eyes…

…He opened his eyes as he looked around; the street was as usually busy. He looked around, not sure where to go. The child let out a small chuckle, humming to himself. He skipped through the rocks, spreading his arms like the wings of a bird flying. He was wondering what his parents were doing. He saw his house right up ahead, but he was pulled into an alley, throw against the wall. Once he hit the floor, he heard grown-ups’ laugher. Under the shock, he wasn’t sure what they were saying. He heard muffled words like “Cut”, “Wings”, “Bidding”, “Fortune”. He wasn’t sure how to piece the words, but he knew that one of the strangers took his hair and pulled backward, forcing to his knees as he felt the cold blade on his throat. The person behind whispered to the poor child, but he wasn’t sure how to respond but cry for help. He closed his eyes, hearing the laugher changing into screams. He fell to the ground, feeling too weak to open his eyes and he fell unconscious. Few minutes later, he was shook by one of the guards, asking if everything was okay. The child groaned lightly in pain, rubbing his head. The guard asked what happened. Siero looked around, seeing blood sprayed on the walls on the ground. He didn’t responded, and the guard nodded in understanding, asking the child to go back into his home. Then…

…Then, he wasn’t sure how the rest of the puzzle is placed. All he knew, it was the most odd moment of his life. He started to skip through the street like the kid he used to be. The house in front of him looked so different. It was once the place of his childhood. Now… It was just place; the house of people he doesn’t know about. The thief stopped in front of the small wooden gate, looking up to the window. He took a moment to let his memories about his parents go through his brain until he heard people coming back. He took his leave, putting the hood of his cloak over his head as he went another way. He was going to his favorite spot for hiding; a warehouse. It was his favorite because there was often people to talk to, often other thieves, but mostly nice people. It was also there where he met his mentor, and where he was given the nickname ‘The little bird’. For now, he hid behind a crate, waiting for someone to come or the sun to go down.

He had more than enough for this week.