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Snippet #2414342

located in New York, a part of American Horror Story: New Murder House, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Jayson Goldsworthy Character Portrait: Tyler Scott Clark Character Portrait: Thomas Champion Character Portrait: Annalisia Stridecaster Character Portrait: Kelsey
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Thomas smiled back at her, beginning to fiddle with his fingers. "That'd be great," he said, grinning. It's not like the room would be anything new, he knew this house better than she ever would, but it would still be fun. Plus, it'd be cool see what things she was willing to tell him now, as opposed to what he'd be able to figure out. Thinking it might seem more realistic, Thomas turned to Anna, grinning.

"Mom is it okay if I hang out for a little?" He asked, although he knew she wouldn't care at all. It's not like she was actually his mother.

Tyler nodded as she spoke, wanting to ask questions, but not wanting to pry. As friendly as Kelsey seemed, it honestly felt like she was holding back. She seemed to have a lot of interesting things about her, but what they were, he had no idea. "Yeah i understand. I probably won't leave the house much, seeing as I know no one," he said, being completely honest, but in reality, he was a fast friend maker.

"Well, I've already been thinking about how I'm gunna at least try and throw a party. I mean, have you seen this house?" He shrugged, grinning. "You'll be at the top of the guest list." Tyler over heard Jayson talking about heading up to her room, and he decided he'd do the same. It wasn't necessarily the best environment to meet someone when you were standing in a room of 8 others. "Wanna go upstairs? I'm not gunna lie, it's pretty crowded down here."