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Snippet #2415992

located in Bergstadt, a part of Gods of Drevair, one of the many universes on RPG.


A good sized village on the outskirts of the Holy City Triumvirate


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The Knight, somewhat made her angry. It is very rare to see herself angry, but this man...He was an exception. He had taken a step forward and yelled, “Accusations! How dare ye! What am I supposed to think, with you dressed as a harlot gallivanting around in the ruins of a town with some wispy Elf! No decent woman would do such a thing! This is all your fault for being so suspicious!” His words were harsh, and cruel. She could tell he wanted to spit on her and her religion, but Sia teaches us to be forgiving towards the weak. She did not blame him for his religion, because it is what he truly believes. If he thought that she was a harlot, then that is his choice to think of such things. She wanted to scream at him, saying that he doesn't know who she is, she wanted to burn his helm into a crumbling mess over his skull. But she didn't, because she knew that would be wrong, she would of gone against Sia's teachings, but also she wouldn't forgive herself for harming someone that did nothing to her. She stood there, silent and with her gaze at the ground. She could still feel the knights eyes, staring down at her in shame.

“What of this Halfer and his tree-hugger friend? Truly an unholy union if ever there was one. Don’t tell me they are the pair who did this?” He had continued, his voice somewhat calmer of how he spoke to her. The assassin answered with a chuckle, probably at the rage of the knight? This made Valeria smile, she lifted her head up and regained herself. "Ah... quaint but no, big man. No I think our late arrivals are others such as ourselves." The assassin had said, eyeing Valeria with those golden eyes again, it may seem stupid but she had gotten used to the man's gaze. Until he spoke again, "Or perhaps traveling rapists come to plunder any bountiful young maidens they may happen across. And you certainly are bountiful aren't you?..." This made her red at her cheeks, just the thought...NO! Stop it Valeria! You musn't think of such things! she had thought to herself. The man had seemed to take joy in telling her such things, this made him more annoying than the knight. So she decided to ignore his honeyed words.

"Gentlemen, you are currently in the aim of one of the greatest archers that graced the earthly plains of Dreivar! This bow I clasp in my very hands is enchanted, and therefore no mere wooden lump for a simple huntsman, and it is not the only thing that is enchanted! I recommend you all step back from the gorgeous young lady who's beauty would make the Triumvirate tosser here reconsider his religious views, before you all suddenly highly resemble a hedgehog." There standing just a distance away was an elf, wielding a bow which was taller than the elf himself and he was ready to shoot. She was flustered, being called 'gorgeous' and 'beautiful' was flattering, but was just something about him that didn't seem right. Something that made her want to run away from the sight of him. In a flash the assassin appeared behind the bowman and held a dagger to his throat saying something which Valeria didn't quite hear. And then a dwarf appeared, he seemed quite clad gizmo's and small trinkets wielding some sort of...weapon? He aimed the device of some sorts to the assassin's head, things were getting quite dangerous and fragile.

Then, the knight started to walk away, saying something before he took a step away, “I am not regretful to announce we shall part ways here. Clearly I overestimated the use you all might’ve posed for my holy quest. The red haired man is even now turning the innocent to ash and, though the idea is tempting, I have no time to stain my blade with your blood. I wish you all… I shall just say I pray for your souls.” Then he started to walk towards the edge of the forest, a lost soul searching for help. Her impression of knights are no longer kept to them being strong, 'defenders of the weak' or chivalrous but sad...

A flaming sword struck at the armour of the knight, he jolted back taken by surprise. Valeria wanted to go and help the knight, but something haunted her from moving. Crimson... she had thought, it was the same man that killed the girl in her vision. But why come back? Then the forest started to light up in flames, and Valeria heard a chilling song in her ears. It was starting to get hot, to hot for her liking. Then the crimson man swiftly made his way into the centre of the group, Valeria quickly regained herself and jumped backwards, barely missing the slashing blade. Red eyes suddenly fixated onto her, she was out into the open, with no one to help her, frozen she stood there as the man came dashing towards her, the look of insanity spread across his face. He was close, then a figure came in front of her, it was the dwarf, but he seemed different, he had abnormal muscles for a dwarf seemed to be full of rage as he began to charge at the man. Valeria was filled with adrenaline and began to run towards the knight, she didn't know why. Maybe she still had feelings for knights, or maybe she just felt safe?