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Susan walked through the halls of Cair Paravel, admiring the classic beauty of the place and thinking over trade and other things absently. She seemed to be spending quite a bit of time thinking over trade and things of that nature lately- for seemingly no reason. Sometimes she figured it was because of her relations within her own family- strained, especially between her dear sister and the high king. As if on cue, Sherri appeared in front of her. She may have been standing there for a few minutes, for all Susan knew, but Sherri didn't seem to mind if she had been standing for long.

"Yes?" Susan said, turning to face the cherry tree spirit. As she did so, she folded her hands over her dress and bowed, never wanting to seem rude.

"Your sister- may you talk with her? I do not wish to be out of my boundaries, but she is being increasingly difficult, especially with things concerning her brother," the woman said, bowing lightly as well. Susan sighed. It went without saying just which brother she was speaking of, and she was getting tired of it really. She held her hand out in front of her in a silent plea to walk with her, which Sherri accepted by walking along with the Queen as she started back.

"Of course, Sherri. Any other things of importance?" Susan said as she began to walk towards the tower, holding her dress up when she reached the stairs.

"No, Queen Susan." The woman said as she advanced the stairs with her.

"Very well. You may be off, Sherri. I'm sure Queen Lucy and I need to have this conversation without any audience. Besides, you wouldn't come to me if you couldn't get to her yourself," Susan laughed as they reached the top, near her sister's door. Sherri smiled as well and Susan walked to the door without her.

"Queen Lucy? Open the door, please. We need to talk," The second oldest Pevensie said with the kindest voice she could, despite her exasperation at her older brother and younger sister. She added a knock after a few seconds, sure her sister would be intent on not talking to her, as she could more than likely distinguish what she wished to talk about.