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Snippet #2416061

located in Zeelasa, a part of Zeelasa: War of Rifts, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to the realm of wonder and beauty but to the far west Rifts eat away at it's history...


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Character Portrait: Siero Caprico Character Portrait: Kinthos Dragomir
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He gently placed the fine china cup back onto the saucer in his left hand and sighed contently. It was just another sunny day in the Machine District. So far there hadn't been any serious crimes today, one or two thefts and a domestic dispute. He picked the cup back up, took another long sip of the freshly prepared tea, and lowered the cup onto the saucer. It was a nice little tea shop close to the border between the two districts and that influence showed somewhat. There were potted plants in front and all the tables and chairs were of carved wood. He sat outside said shop in one of those wooden chairs in front of a little wood table. He placed the cup and saucer onto the table and stared at the back of his left hand. Two years ago, he'd never thought he'd be able to do something as coordinated as pick up a china cup with this artificial arm. He did so now and took another sip of tea, and nearly choked at the sound of a woman's scream. Hastily he put the tea on the table and dug a small handful of coins as payment, slamming them down on the dense wood with his left hand, not noticing the circular indentations they left in the wood, as he took off towards the sound, drawing his sword as he ran. He swore under his breath as he drew the blade at his side. "I was having a good day! A good day! And someone had to go and ruin it."

It was a simple matter when he arrived. The woman's purse had been stolen, though in reality she'd only dropped it at a nearby stall. He shook his head as he walked down the street and leaned against a crate. So far, a good day. Then he noticed someone hiding behind the crate. He couldn't be more than sixteen, but he had the look of a thief about him. He sighed and put a hand to his blade. "So, how much did you pick out of unsuspecting pockets today little thief?"