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Snippet #2416088

located in Bergstadt, a part of Gods of Drevair, one of the many universes on RPG.


A good sized village on the outskirts of the Holy City Triumvirate


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Character Portrait: Mireene Character Portrait: Annikar Greyhelm Character Portrait: Athos Lorio
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Annikar's nose twitched at a new scent and she whirled about to face the new figures. They were even stranger then the others, the way they moved and spoke, brimming with the confidence that only came from sheer strength and power. And then the man with crimson hair swung his sword and the fire blazed up in an eyeblink. That was all the indication Annikar needed.

But she waited for a moment, in order to see how these gods would fight. The man already showed an incredible display of magic, but the girl was still a mystery. She played a flute, as if the battle was not at all important. But then Annikar began to feel the temperature rise, far above even the heat being given off by the flames. She grimaced and shifted about uncomfortably, she was unaccustomed enough to heat without her armor. This would have to be ended quickly. Especially before one of these fools could possibly have the stroke of luck needed to slay one of the god first and steal her glory.

After she saw the crusader distract the crimson man, Annikar unsheathed her sword in one swift motion, hoping that the scraping metal sound would be lost amidst the raucous and flames. She quickly made her way towards the girl with the flute, weaving between the wreckage of burned out homes. When one of the other strangers appeared in an eyeblink behind the girl, Annikar paid him no heed. It was the only distraction she needed as she jumped onto the top of a pile of ash and bricks, then leaped off with inhuman grace, her sword raised over her head to strike down at the mysterious girl as she landed beside her.