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Snippet #2416093

located in Bergstadt, a part of Gods of Drevair, one of the many universes on RPG.


A good sized village on the outskirts of the Holy City Triumvirate


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Character Portrait: Shra Character Portrait: Johannes de Witte Character Portrait: Kain Character Portrait: Valeria Marietta Character Portrait: Kalson Threisker Dorn Character Portrait: Karvilus 'Karv' Leafgrinder
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There was no thought, only rage.
There was no aim, only rage.
There was no goal, no objective, no end to be reached, only rage.

Some part of Kalson suspected that this unholy anger was more than just his own natural rage, or even fully the work of the alchemical serum he so foolishly and impulsively took into himself. For a split second, even as he was swinging madly at the red haired man with his vicious power tool, scoring glancing blows against the fiend while suffering occasional burns, he noticed that even while he'd shed most of his bags and removed his shirt and overcoat, the bag into which he'd absentmindedly stuffed his dead uncle's hand and pistol was still very securely tied around his waist. That wasn't where he'd put the bag, but he didn't ponder this any longer. The mere reminder of his uncle spurned him to strike at the red haired man with greater fury. By this point, he wasn't very conscious of where his blade was swinging so long as it went somewhere in the direction of the red haired man. He didn't even notice the gaping slash across Dyntan's chest plating, jagged edges the telltale signs of a Gerrigadrian Hull Opener. But...

There was no concern, only rage.