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located in New York, a part of American Horror Story: New Murder House, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Tyler Scott Clark Character Portrait: Kelsey
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The fact that all the kids weren't biological threw Kelsey off her guard. "Really? You guys seem like you're all related. You all have small resemblances to your parents, at least I think so.." She let her sentence trail off at the end as she began thinking about who was and wasn't a biological child. First there was Whitney. The female seemed like she could be a foster child, but the one that hated her new family and siblings. However, she looked the most like the parents out of all the children. She must be their child. Jayson and Tyler were awfully close, so they could go either ways. They could be the two biological siblings that stuck together, or the two foster children that stuck together. Based on what Tyler had said about missing school, Kelsey figured he must be adopted. This also led her to guess that Jayson was adopted too. Lastly, there was the little girl she saw outside. The little girl looked like Whitney in a way, but she didn't really look much like the parents.

Kelsey bit her lower lip as she thought about the last child. Eventually she decided on guessing with the last child. "Um, okay. I'm going to say Whitney is a biological child, Jayson is a foster, you're a foster, and the little girl I'm going to say she's a biological?" Kelsey put her shoulders up slightly, as if she were going to shrug them. "I have no idea with the youngest child." She put her shoulders down and smiled slightly.