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Snippet #2416301

located in Zeelasa, a part of Zeelasa: War of Rifts, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to the realm of wonder and beauty but to the far west Rifts eat away at it's history...


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Character Portrait: Siero Caprico Character Portrait: Kinthos Dragomir
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He sighed heavily. He'd chased this kid countless times and he had no intention of letting him off easy today. "I suppose we will at that little mouse." He brought his mechanical fist down on the crate as it was kicked towards him, the heavy piece of steel smashing the crate to bits. Fortunately it was empty, and he charged through the debris after the mouse. The streets were to crowded to run through and keep the thief in sight, so he ran to the side of the street, on top of a pile of crates, and leapt, catching the roof a building with his left arm. He hauled himself up easily and looked out at the street, taking off along the roofs when he caught sight of the thief once more. When the thief tried to climb a building and fell into the alley, he stopped along the roof just above the alley and silently drew his sword. He knew better than to trust him when he put his hands up, so he decided to make his move. He jumped down into the alley directly in front of the thief, the tip of the blackened blade shooting straight for his neck and stopping a mere hair from his jugular. "Come quietly little mouse, there aren't any holes to run to here."