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located in Narnia, a part of The Golden Age, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Edmund Pevensie
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King Edmund the Just

Edmund and his entourage had been traveling for two hours, when they came to a stop. Edmund looked at his men and said, '' Take a rest. Eat, drink, and rest up. We will begin traveling in a half hour.'' Edmund dismounted his horse, and went to drink from the river. He stood up and walked back over to his horse, he patted his horse and sat down on a stump. He looked at his men and said, '' Are all of you doing fair?'' His men looked at him and they gave Edmund a respectful nod and they beganate their food. Edmund gave his men a very small, smirk and closed his eyes, he laid back and began to rest. It was about twenty minutes later that he opened his eyes and stood up, his men got ready and they started on their one hour remaining travel back to Cair Paravel.