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Dahlia Marzipan Gomphrey
"But you can call me Marzi, or Doll."

Dahlia was enchanted by the fire that had just started on Celeste's feet. Not ever would she have thought that she'd witness this situation. Dahlia takes one glance at the sopping cloth in her hand. So it does, huh? Now she knew her weakness. The thought of this power overwhelmed her but she locked up her jittery body. Celeste doesn't even bother to explain herself, she knew it was foreign to others. Alistair entered the kitchen as this happened and he just plopped himself down on a chair nearby. She could feel his eyes watching them. Dahlia's fingers squeeze the wet cloth the water dribbles out unto the floor. She let her pupils roll over to stare at him, her head still facing Celeste. The blind spot in her eye covered Alistair's face. What a convenience. Dahlia stiffens at his comment but forces herself to whirl around on her heels and hurry to the oven.

His comment didn't upset her. She wasn't hungry yet. She always was dismissed from lunch. So evening was just perfect for her. Alistair already knew that, but Dahlia suspected he was just there to point this out to them-HER. To point this out to her and gloat about his privileges. Ugh.

On the counter, was a nice sized turkey that had just finished defrosting. She didn't feel like speaking to Celeste. She must be looking straight at Dahlia right now. Her mouth was probably watering. It takes a moment before she finishes the last bits of preparation and props the stuffed turkey into the oven. She grabs the timer and sets an estimated time. Just then, Dahlia's whole body groaned and shook. She pressed the palms of her hands onto her temples and she lets out a irritable, blood-curdling scream.

That happens sometimes, over a small detail overlooked. She had to do things a certain way, if she forgot or messed up her cycle, she had to freak out. This time, She couldn't to add those laxatives in the turkey's stuffing. It was meant for a playful trick, but she couldn't do that with Alistair sitting there. Oh well. Next time she'd prepare a meal, she had a box of them in the cabinet.

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