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Lucy started down the stairs in a prompt jog. Her gown gave her no trouble in doing so; She was used to it by now. It had especially been pursued in the past two monthes, as she had been avoiding Peter for that long. A single noise would result in discovery. So she had to be absolutely -

CREAK!!! Lucy backed up the stairwell as the throne room door opened. Her brother was talking in rapid to a centaur who she recognized as Theandro, one of the most noble of all centaurs. Not the most noble, but one of them.

She couldn't quite hear their conversation, but Peter heard it loud and clear. He had been having this conversation the night prior as well.

"But, my King, don't you find it of utmost importance to track down these... these... fiends?"

"I will send out search parties, Theandro, but we mustn't expect to much. These dangerous beings, as you had called them, are undetectable. They're after something, but we know not what that something could be, nor their where abouts."

"For your own safety, I must insist that you stay within the grounds of Cair Paravel, as well as the queens and King Edmund, once he returns."

"He is on his way, I assure you, noble centaur. And I appreciate your concern, but you can't expect any of us to just sit here waiting for them. We have faced worse."

"Ah, but of that I would not be sure, Sire. The stars have revealed horrid propositions to us centaurs, horrible indeed. We can only hope that they are wrong."

"Very well. We will act with utmost caution. Good day to you."

Peter turned towards the sound of Susan's footsteps. He gave her a short bow. "I heard you coming, sister dear." His mind was racing, he had to vent some of it, yet he didn't wish to burden Susan with the knowledge he had just been granted with. Yet she had to know... Didn't she?

Meanwhile, Lucy had snuck into the stables, and was saddling up her horse. Of course, it was a dumb horse, she didn't want to ride a Talking one, as some of them considered carrying a rider a disgrace. Besides, dumb animals couldn't snitch on her. The horse was a young palamino, with shocking blue eyes. The beauty of it had always captivated her, the innocence, the purity.

Lucy sheaved her dagger (she had pulled it out just to check it), pulling herself onto Angel. She leaned forward, whispering into the horse's ear. "Okay. I'l ready now. Let's go." Somehow, the horse understood her, and she understood it. They had an inexplicable connection that baffled even Lucy herself. A friendship, or maybe some unknown idea more than that.

She started into the woods, the figures clarifying. Lucy smiled at the water nymph, Aqilla, one of her best friends. "I'm ready when you are." Aqilla wore a faint smile, barely there. "But of course." Lucy followed her through the woods, farthur and farthur from Cair Paravel. Lucy had known Aqilla forever, they were close. But today was extra special. Aqilla had invited her to be the guest of honor at her organization's (she never said the name) monthly meet. Lucy had accepted in rapt, excited for something fun.

The woods were closing in, it seemed, but Lucy figured it was just her imagination. Nonetheless, Lucy spoke quietly, as though someone was listening in on the conversation. "Hey, uh, A, how much farthur?" The nymph stopped. "I believe we are here, my queen." Lucy looked left and right. No one. "Where is everyone?" A deep voice sounded from within the depths, and an odd looking man appeared. A half-giant perhaps? Or maybe just a young or small one? Lucy dismounted Angel as other creatures appeared. "We are right here, fair one?" The giant laughed quietly. "Get her."

((I know, I know, crazy, spur of the moment idea. xD Please don't think I'm rushing everything, I sort of typed it all involuntarily. xD))