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"I heard you coming, sister dear." Susan heard her brother as she rounded the corner, rolling her eyes as she did.

"Rats! I was trying so very hard to be quiet too," Susan said, smiling brightly as she bowed to her brother. He looked a bit tense, but Susan decided not to comment on it. He always looked tense. "Brother, I was wondering- we should take a break from this some time. Go out. Have a picnic. Do something other than keep Lucy locked up here and wonder about when the next chance of a slight attack by anyone is. Like a family,"Susan began to say, but just then Edmund came up to them.

''Brother, sister, how good it is to see you. I have missed you dearly.'' Edmund said, and Susan smiled brightly and hugged him tightly, forgoing all formalities. They were family after all. Soon, though, she had to let go and moved back, looking back to Peter.

"As I was saying before- it has been far too long without a real family get together. Work is important and all- we do have many responsibilities, but I cannot help but think that we are starting to act more like cohorts than a true family. That is something far worse than any attack- an attack we can overcome. A family breaking apart... I fear that would be impossible to fix all the way- like fixing a broken mirror," Susan said, looking to both of her brothers. It seemed like such a sort amount of time since they had been attending party after party- though, those times had been over for a while at best.

"As a matter of fact- why don't we go now. I have not heard tell of any horrible horrible threats to our person or kingdom, and it is a fine day out. One of you can go up to get Lucy, and I will go prepare a picnic," Susan said, leaving room for Peter or Edmund to deny her offer- she didn't want to seem to forceful, and Edmund might be tired from his travels, and Peter did look rather tense, even for Peter.