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After Edmund said that, he was given a big, tight and loving hug from Susan. He smiled and hugged her back, he didn't care about formalities, he hadn't used them for some time now, he looked at her when she said, '' As I was saying before- it has been far too long without a real family get together. Work is important and all- we do have many responsibilities, but I cannot help but think that we are starting to act more like cohorts than a true family. That is something far worse than any attack- an attack we can overcome. A family breaking apart... I fear that would be impossible to fix all the way- like fixing a broken mirror.'' Edmund nodded in agreement, and looked at Peter, he then looked back at Susan and said, '' True, for it has been an eternity since we have just had a feast and have a grand time with our family. I agree with Susan, I think that would be splendid.'' Edmund smiled at Susan and took a deep breath, for he was a little tired, but not enough to stop him from enjoying company with his family, for it had been two weeks since he was away from home, after all.

Edmund looked back at Susan when she said, '' As a matter of fact- why don't we go now. I have not heard a telling of any horrible threats to our person or kingdom, and it is a fine day out. One of you can go up to get Lucy, and I will go prepare a picnic.'' Edmund nodded and said, '' I will go and fetch our sister. I think it would be splendid for her to see me. I haven't seen in yet, and I think this would give her some joy. I will return shortly.'' Edmund said as he went to Lucy's room.