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Snippet #2418306

located in Continent of Drevair, a part of Gods of Drevair, one of the many universes on RPG.

Continent of Drevair



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Character Portrait: Annikar Greyhelm Character Portrait: Johannes de Witte Character Portrait: Athos Lorio Character Portrait: Kain Character Portrait: Valeria Marietta Character Portrait: Kalson Threisker Dorn Character Portrait: Karvilus 'Karv' Leafgrinder
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he red haired demon had gotten away from him… this day. Not that Johannes felt particularly pained because of it. The sudden appearance of two of his demonic kin on the battlefield had shocked Johannes slightly. To think the high priests of the Triumvirate were not only wrong about there being but one of them, they were wrong to the extent that they didn’t even notice the existence of three others, if not more. With a sigh Johannes released the power that enchanted his armour, the light slowly fading into nothingness and his weaponry slowly returning to their normal state. He then pulled of his helmet and ran a hand through his short hair. When Kain called for a meeting somewhere else, Johannes followed solemnly, saying little and only tending to his horse.

Johannes disliked inns, peddlers of debauchery and filth, hiding holes of the downtrodden and the unfaithful. There was no bliss to be found in drink, no matter how much of it you drank down. With a grunt Johannes sat down on a stool, which creaked under his weight. He conspicuously picked a spot further away from the elves and the dwarf, clearly not interested in fraternizing with them overmuch. His cold demeanour continued all the way even when Kain called for introductions and Johannes followed suit.

“My name is Johannes de Witte, knight of the Black Cross order of the Triumvirate Faith.” Curt and short, Johannes felt no need to add anything about what he could do. If they hadn’t realized that during the battle then there was no point trying to explain it to them.

“As for the figures we fought… I’d have to agree with Kain’s assessments. They clearly possess some form of magic not known to us and we shouldn’t make too many assumptions… however. The red haired one clearly relies on his speed and his fire. As Kain said, taking away his fire would weaken him considerably, but if we can take away his speed we can accomplish much the same. I’ve fought men like him before, men with great skill, speed and arrogance.”

“They rely of a constant barrage of attacks, using their superior speed to constantly pressure the opponent. If we can stop his constant stream of attacks, his own arrogance should quickly turn on him and before long his rage will make sure he errs, which is when we should strike.”

“As for the flute player… she’s quick and agile clearly, but I doubt she can fight. Next time we see her we should just pressure her with constant attacks and watch how she falls.”

Johannes nodded once to himself, somewhat pleased with his assessments, even if they did match Kain’s quite well. He left out any comments on the other two, Johannes had only seen the one from a distance and barely noticed the other one. He wouldn’t waste anyone’s time with guesses. For a moment he wondered when he had made the decision to team up with these strangers, but now that he said it out loud, it felt like the right thing to do. Perhaps it WAS the will of the triumvirate that brought them all together.