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located in New York, a part of American Horror Story: New Murder House, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Tyler Scott Clark Character Portrait: Kelsey
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As Tyler gave the background information, Kelsey watched him closely. He looked at if he really had to reach into the back of his mind to tell the story. Whether this was the case, she didn't know. A horrible memory like so could have been pushed away and practically forgotten, or it could have been wrapped around one's brain, haunting the person as much as it wished. For Tyler, Kelsey figured it was the first option, but the memory wasn't close to being forgotten. Kelsey had been dead for decades, but rarely her own torture haunted her. When it did it was brief, but it still hit her like a punch to the gut. Her demise was caused by what befell her, but Tyler was still living. The female couldn't imagine what he had been through, or how he had gotten through it, but she knew it had to have been difficult.

He laughed lightly, but Kelsey's expression remained the same. Her eyes seemed to droop with sorrow of what could have happened, and she looked at the floor. What came next? A thirteen year old boy being left alone with his foster father. Apparently they hadn't seen each other much do to work, but what did the father think of his newest child? It was possible he stayed at work longer to avoid him, but what dad would do that to his child? Kelsey pushed the thought away and looked back at Tyler, thinking of what could have happened to land him in the hospital. The obvious stuck out to her, but she wouldn't know for sure until she questioned him. So that's what she did. "Did he hurt you?" Her voice was barely above a whisper, as if uttering the four words could cause the Earth to crumble right then and there.