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Snippet #2419025

located in New York, a part of American Horror Story: New Murder House, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Thomas blushed lightly. Jayson was the first girl to find anything he did cool. He chuckled at her comment about wanting to see it. "It's not necessarily easy to find somewhere to throw a knife into," he said, his hand going up to push his hair away from his face, then fluffing it back down.

He was surprised to hear she was a foster child, though as he thought about it, she didn't look that much like the parents. He didn't let the surprise show on his face. He adjusted himself slightly so he was looking more directly at her, and he grinned. "That's incredible," he said, pulling his feet up so he was sitting criss cross. "I wish I could play an instrument, any instrument. Do you write songs?"

Tyler gave a bitter laugh, his eyes going cold. He nodded, his eyes wandering the room, till he put them on her face again, but he couldn't keep them there for so long. Talking about something so horrible seemed wrong in the presence of someone so pretty, so he let them fall upon his drums as he spoke.

"I came home from school one day. I'd fallen earlier during gym class, and so I had a huge bruise on my leg. It was like, the size of my fist," he said, holding his fist up. "And I thought it was awesome. During dinner that night, the dad, he noticed. He asked where it was from, then assumed i was lying, that I'd gotten in a fight, and lost. And I don't know how his mind made him think this was okay, but some how he thought that if I could lie about that, I could lie about more bruises. So he hit me."

At this point, Tyler paused, stopping his twiddling fingers. "And then again. And I stood up from my chair, slowly walking away. I could tell from his smell that he was drunk. And I was walking down the hall and he called after me. What are you doing, he said. Where you going kiddo, I just want to talk. And I don't know a why I did it, but i stopped, and turned around. He had the fire poker in his hand, and he swung it at me." He turned back to look at Kelsey. "It came this close to puncturing my lungs," he said, holding up his fingers with a small space between them. Then he dropped his hand. "I don't really remember what happened next, it's a little foggy," Tyler said, his brow furrowing. "He hit me, a couple more times, i fell over, his my head on the stair case banister, and thats it." His eyes lightened up, a light smile fitting his face.

"I woke up in the hospital the next day, then I came here."