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Torex wasn't left much time to admire the chaos of the city after Viola hung up- when it starts raining bullets, things like that happen.

The day had already been bad enough: being on the run, the crack in the dome, and now utter chaos, death, and destruction. All the things to come were just ridiculous. Viola ducked behind a crate as the madmen fired at anything and everything they could visualize, but Torex, being a broken robot, was not as fast as her. By the time he made his way behind the crate, he had three bullets stuck in his skin panels. It shouldn't have hurt, but as he quietly pulled them out, he winced in pain.

"Forget it! Let's go!"

Viola's voice was barely recognizable among all of the screams, but he got the message just as she grabbed him by his broken arm and pulled him along. He was actually a bit scared she might accidentally pull it off. Luckily, she didn't disassemble him before they found a car with keys in the ignition. Viola took drivers seat, so Torex climbed into shotgun as they drove off.

The next hour was incredibly awkward, Torex unsure if he should try sparking a conversation. He figured he should leave it alone. Viola had her share of problems. William was who knows were and now everyone was going crazy, trying to kill each other. Finally, Viola pulled the car over in front of some kind of medical facility. Viola quickly warned him not to touch anything, but because he couldn't even carry the virus, he felt much safer about the situation.

Once Viola broke them in, they quickly met a girl. Torex almost panicked, but Viola seemed to know her as they exchanged a quick conversation before the girl, Maddie, gestured for them to follow her.

As they started walking through the halls, Torex suddenly felt wrong. He doubled over in pain, but it quickly ceased after a few sparks flew from his mechanical body.

Hey, data chip, he thought, what's wrong with me?

Simple. You are a rouge robot. The government would prefer to shut you down themselves, but in the chaos, they need you dead ASAP. They're attempting to shut you down from afar, but I doubt it will work.


"I'm fine," he said, straightening up. "Just a bit of a glitch." He casually smiled.