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Snippet #2419451

located in Celnaria, a part of Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Alsa Crescent Character Portrait: Rhva Character Portrait: Jaspon Mooran Character Portrait: Tyron Balance
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(Remember to look on Patch:1.20x: Trial to see a preview of what the battle post should look like. Also please read the OOC to see a typed out explanation of the system! For a tip note here: Do not auto hit/ spell hit, everything comes down to an attempt, what determines hit comes down to my next post. Also watch your character's surroundings and environment they all come into play. Also additional info: We'll be skipping Boren until he finally is able to commit back to rp finally. I know its been a while so if you don't remember this RP's rule/mechanics feel free to read over them. All though this is counted as a boss fight, Its also a test to see if i need to increase the difficult or not. )

Message to all: Remember most of you only recognize Alsa as a "Lancer", sometimes its hard to believe a living legend upon a young person. Lancers are common especially coming from Vidaria. If you're from Vidaria you have heard stories that someone among you was the soul of a dragoon especially since it became slightly new news. Some areas have spread the rumor but slightly vague. No one currently knows who it is other then about 55% of Vidaria depending on your activity among the city itself.

Also I added a roll system that I WILL be doing and this will be used when you attempt do anything IN BATTLE. Outside is still the same for all your skills with the task check. If you want to know everyones roll then look below. Each round i post.

A note to spell casters: Keep in mind and read my post well and learn of your effects on some monsters. I will not say what certains spells will do to some.

Please look in the OOC to see the new category explaining about Fighting.

For Jaspon:
"Lets go Rote!" Dyranor said and immediately the chocobo dashed off through the street. The ride was slightly bumpy as the bird ran through the streets filled with broken barrels and blood that had already began being washed away by the rain. As the man with the chocobo got to the scene the chocobo kwee'd out in a screech coming to a halt.

"It seems Rote doesn't want to go further… I'll most likely let you off here… be careful… As for me, I'll be checking on the rest of the town. Lad be safe"

Once you get off you see a dragoon battling a giant monster and two other humanoid near by.

Alsa Crescent

Dragoon (Level 2)


Alexander (Central)– Streets

A clap of thunder echoed into the cremiere's ear as her right hand grip tightened around the pole arm. It's spear readied to jab any foe bound to charge her. The warrior could feel the rain shower down upon her and by this point her clothing had been drenched, her fur wet and all at the same time the fog of the cold rain only slightly fogged her vision. In the ambience you could hear barrels in the alley way tipping over and rolling. Town people panicking from a far. Alsa knew this threat had to be taken down soon. The lancer looked the foe in the eye with only a light step against a small puddle in front of her. The goobbue watched carefully with only a snarl from its large mouth. It wasn't long until the Cremiere wanted to act because it was only seconds that the beast would. In the distance the girl could only see a what looked to be a another cremiere whom obviously isn't from Vidaria looking by his clothing and a viera whom showed signs of being a Vidarian citizen. She shook her head wanting to call out to them but didn't. The woman had decided to act and leapt backwards doing a flip before grasping the bottom of her lance. The dragoon than gave a slight battle roar as she charged forward, her feet barely touching the ground before attempting to strike towards the beast whom at the same point began to charge upon her. As the girl approached the beast she suddenly stopped. The water beneath her rose up only a foot from the friction before she leapt, only using her natural athletic abilities. When in the air the girl moved griped the pole arm tight as she adjusted it to where the spear was held as if it was a two-handed sword. Her elbows were right over her head as the arms were behind her. As she descended finally and Immediately she her lance down barely missing the goobue whom stopped just in time to look up and notice the attack alas was making. He roared at the threat ready to begin his attack.

The goobbue roared out releasing some spit towards the cremiere as his breath came out as well. He than and attempted In retaliation to Alsa's attack to raise his arm and strike down upon the cremiere who assaulted him and was about to land after her attack. His hand went across her face only to miss. Had the girl not evaded quickly by barely by falling she'd been hit. The beast picked himself up recovering his arm from the miss as he noticed the cremiere leaping backwards and spun her lance with her right hand as the left moved her hair back. The girl could only smile not expecting the battle to be this hard.


Her eyes moved upon the two near the scene.

"If you two are civilians I suggest you move from this area... Otherwise feel free to assist... this is no ordinary beast!" She exclaimed. She could only think it was foolish of them to attempt to tame such a thing.

Beserk Goobbue
Level - 4
HP: 300
MP: 0
Agility: 6

Alsa rolled: 90
Beserk Goobue rolled: 94