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located in Xen, a part of It's a Masquerade, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Cameron walked around the woods, his eyes watching every movement. Jumping up on a tree, he read a nearby notice. Snorting he climbed the tree, while letting his claws tear up the parchment. Resting on the branch he let out a long yawn. "A masquerade ball..." He snorted, as much as he would've loved to go, he was a cat. There was no way he could've gone.

"In memoriam of the princess, and her father." Cameron hissed slightly. He knew that princess was alive, his heart was destined to marry her. He knew that from what his parents had told him. He halfway closed his eyes as the sunset reflected off his fur. That was until an unusual, and unique, yet somewhat familiar scent entered his nose.

He opened his eyes to see a blonde haired girl, quite unusual around these parts. Purring he leapt down on to the forest floor and sat in front of her his eyes peering up at her.

He let out a fake meow then chuckled. "Your golden hair is quite different in these parts." He said in a cool tone as he laid in front of her exposing his furry belly. "Care to give me a belly rub?"