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located in Pelobus, a part of Isles of the Black Sand, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Crow Character Portrait: General Eckhart
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Another man fell, his torso split from pelvis to shoulder from Crow's blade. Before he could hit the ground, the killer's hand shot out and grabbed the man's collar and drew him closer. To weak. He wouldn't even survive the Shade process. Sighing he pushed the man down and walked over his dying corpse. He walked across the battle field almost casually, his sword cutting down any who attempted to interfere. One man, however, held his ground, blocking each of Crow's blows.
"Oh? Not bad for a human... You'll do."

He took a step back and raised his left hand, then pointed to the man in front of him. "Hold!" He'd taught every Shade under his command this simple order. As if appearing out of thin air, a group of Shades surrounded Crow, while two grabbed the man and held him against the floor. The man thrashed, but it was all but impossible to over power even one, never the less two Shades. He sheathed his blade and drew from his coat a syringe and a vial of dark red blood. Very carefully, he drew a few drops of blood out from the vial before placing it back in his coat. He stepped up to the pinned man, syringe in hand and knelt. His and the man's eyes met, the man's wide and full of fear, Crow's grey and dead behind his skull like mask.
"Are you afraid? Do you hate that fear? Don't worry, after this, you'll never fear anything, ever again."

The man looked at him, bewildered, and would've spoken if Crow and not deftly stabbed the man between the ribs, straight into the heart. He pressed the plunger on the syringe, and watched as the dark lord's blood circulated through the man's body. He screamed in pain and writhed, his eyes sinking in and skin turning black. Next, the hair and nails fell out in bloody chunks, bones cracked and broke, and teeth fell out of the gums. Crow watched it all passively, and was even taking notes in a small leather book. According to previous turnings, if the eyes dissolved first it should be a successful transformation. He took a closer look and smiled with grim delight as the eyes withered then vanished in a haze of black smoke. The rest of the body soon followed, gathering in the air as black smoke, then coalescing into the rough shape of a man. A Shade.

Crow stood up and waved his hand, the other two shades released their new comrade.
"Welcome to Gammon's army. Serve your master well."
He scribbled something in his small leather book and shut it with a sharp snap. The book went into one of many pockets in his coat and he removed his helmet, shaking out his bone white hair as he removed the mask as well. It didn't matter if they saw his face, they would all be dead soon anyway. He looked fairly handsome for a dead man, or a dead teen in this case. He had only been seventeen when he'd died after all. He dug around in another pocket of his and pulled out a small black crystal holding what looked like a swirling cloud of black smoke. He tapped it once and watched as it glowed a deeper black. That signaled that a link had been established to his troops.
"Attention, today's quota has been met. Withdraw. Repeat. Quota has been met. Withdraw."

Each shade under his command heard this, and drew back from their opponents, then vanished. A cheer went up in the enemy ranks and they grew cocky, going in to surround the Lich. He grinned at them, and vanished in a flash of black light. He reappeared on a cliff overlooking the battle field he'd memorized before the battle began. A Shade appeared at his side to insure his protection. He shrugged and slipped off his gauntlets. They tended to interfere with his magic. Slowly he raised his hands, a red haze gathering around his body. For a moment, he levitated off the ground due to the sheer volume of magic he was gathering in this one spot. He screamed and directed this magic with his hands towards the army in the valley below. Suddenly the ground beneath them ripped apart as pillars of fire shot up to the sky, killing hundreds in a fiery inferno. Soon, none were left standing.

Crow panted lightly and reappeared in the valley, surrounded now by hundreds of charred bodies. He lifted his right hand now, a sickly green light gathering around his hand. Suddenly the same light gathered around each dead soldier, and something rose from their chests and flew to his upraised hand. Souls. Hundreds and hundreds of souls. Slowly these souls converged into the Lich's body, and he shuddered with the new found power. He was nearly done. Just one thing left to do. Now a inky black light gathered in his hands, and slowly spread to to each charred, soulless corpse. Those corpses shuddered and their eyes glowed red with malice. Sickeningly, each corpse lurched to it's feet, taking up sword and spear once more in death to serve Gammon. The Crow smiled and snapped, the shades reappearing in an instant.
"Secure this area and establish fortifications at each end of the valley. And train the new "recruits". We're far from done with this country."
With that command, he vanished in a flash of black. The whole battle had lasted about twenty minutes, and had brought five hundred shades into their ranks, along with three hundred of the undead. He appeared near Gammon's chambers, slipping his gauntlets back on when he spotted General Eckhart, the cruelest of Gammon's commanders.
"Eckhart old chum!" He pulled out a slip of paper from his leather book and proffered it to the general. "The results of the latest skirmish. I trust it will be to you like... ing." He frowned and tilted his head. That was his "My Lord has just asked something completely impossible but I'll find a way to do it anyway" face.
"What's he asked for this time?"