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Snippet #2421599

located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a part of The TriWizard Tournament, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



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Deirdre Damorte stepped down from the powder blue carriage, the last one out as usual, not that she minded. She heard Madame Maxime calling orders to the other Beauxbatons, asking for order and making sure everyone knew what to do once they entered the building. Deirdre decided to take this opportunity to take a look around the campus, taking in the stunning scenery, but once her blue eyes touched the castle, she couldn't seem to take them off of it. It was absolutely beautiful, she thought. Even better than the pictures she had seen and the descriptions of it in books.

Then she realized she was the only person still standing at the carriage, the other Beauxbatons already all lined up and ready for entrance along with the Durmstrangs who had arrived at about the same time as they did, on their ship.

"No dawdling!" Madame Maxime called, her accent thick, hastily gesturing Deirdre after the other girls. "We cannot be late!" Deirdre didn't argue, but paused for a moment, casting one last glance back the the beautiful landscape. She would honestly never argue with Madame Maxime, especially if it could possibly involve besmirching Beauxbatons image because that was a sure way to enrage the headmistress. So, instead she simply followed after the other students who were proudly donning their blue uniforms, some of the girls whispering among themselves about some of the handsome Durmstrang students who were just behind them as they made their way into the castle and the great hall. The school would be abuzz with the excitement of the new school year and the arrival of the tournament and the prospect of meeting new witches and wizards, she was sure. Unfortunately, she was still stuck in the silky blue uniform which she couldn't help but find uncomfortable in the cool weather at Hogwarts. To be completely honest, she was extremely nervous as they waited to enter and quickly reminded herself to slip back into her cool, aloof character, which she did as they proceeded into the great hall.

"Please join me in welcoming the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!" The Hogwarts headmistress, Minerva McGonagall's voice rang out, crystal clear in the great hall, most of the Hogwarts students having their eyes fixed on all those entering, which made her extremely uncomfortable, but she kept it hidden well.

This year, Beauxbatons had unfortunately decided not to skip the intro in which they represented their school. This year they were performing a almost ballet sort of dance as they made their way down the aisle. Deirdre had absolutely no desire to dance for Hogwarts and therefore stuck to the back near Madame Maxime, half-hidden in the woman's shadow who was not surprised at all that Deirdre wasn't participating. Still, she looked disappointed.

She was relieved when the dancer's finally bowed to the Hogwarts students who were applauding. Madame Maxime told her students to go take a seat at the table with the others. Deirdre hastily followed the others to an empty table, not having to be told twice. "And from the north, The Durmstrang Institue!" Deirdre spared a glance at the other small group which was entering. The Durmstrangs were marching in, sporting their blood red uniforms. To Deirdre they looked more like soldiers than students, but that was just their opinion as she watched the new head of the Durmstrang institute enter. Since Karkaroff had died, the school had passed to another. Now, mostly disinterested, she looked around the hall at the different Hogwarts students. So far, she was trying to find the different houses - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and so on, just so she could get a general idea of what they were like. The Gryffindors, they were supposed to be brave and chivalrous. The Hufflepuffs, kind and hard working and the Ravenclaws knowledgeable and witty.

Waiting until everyone was seated, the headmistress looked out at the different tables and hushed the crowd. Then, she strode over to a golden goblet which a mere second later, burst into bright, crackling blue flames. "This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun!" She called out to the crowd, which cheered.

Deirdre tilted her blonde head slightly as she studied the brightly colored flames. The TriWizard Tournament intrigued her greatly, the idea of entering her name was incredibly tempting, however she reminded herself that she should think long and hard before putting her name into the goblet, for winning it would be no simple task. Still, she would like a chance to prove herself - not for the glory, but purely for the enjoyment of being able to put her skills to the test. She then glanced around the room, at all of the other tables and silently wondered how many people were going to enter their names as her eyes reached what she was pretty sure was the Hufflepuff table.

Malachi let out a cheer when the Hogwarts headmistress has unveiled the goblet, a grin spread out onto his face. He then cast a glance at the other student closest to him at the table - Vladimir, he was pretty sure his name was. Malachi had never really gotten the chance to know him but he knew he was an excellent wizard. He wondered if he was going to enter and then glanced over at the Hogwarts crowd, tempted to go introduce himself to a group already.