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located in Purgatory, a part of Requiem for a Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lucian Faust Character Portrait: Akira Hikaati
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His power escalated, electrifying the very air around him. When he'd gathered enough of it, he unleashed it all upon the monstrosity before him. The tunnel shook, shuddering with the amount of pressure he exuded into the shot. A very large, brilliant blue jagged light exploded in front of him. It engulfed the creatures entire body and then some. The ceiling overhead was torn asunder. Solid rock flew in all directions, including up and outwards.

The sickening feeling of the black tendrils around his throat left and though he couldn't feel it, he knew the one holding his dislocated shoulder had unraveled as well. The beast let out a loud screech of pain as Akira's power shot through it. However, the exorcist was fairly sure that what did the most damage to it was the exposure of sunlight from overhead.

Once he was free, Akira crumpled to the floor and immediately covered his head as best he could with his good arm as a rain of rocks fell down over him. The wraith continued to scream as it backed away into the darkness. Once it was out of the light, it hissed and growled. The exorcist felt himself stuck under a few of the stones and his heart skipped a few beats. He couldn't tell were the wraith had gone, nor did he have any strength to shatter the rocks himself or move them with his binds.

Unable to turn over to see what was pinning him, Akira lay panting on the floor of the cavernous tunnel his vision swimming in and out. It was a struggle to stay awake hoping that the creature would leave entirely, or perhaps Lucian would come to remove the rocks so that he could be free. Then again, if Lucian came and the wraith was not gone... Well that would defeat the purpose of Akira's destroying the tunnel in the first place.

The growling hadn't stopped and it was obvious the wraith was very irritated at the situation. To this, Akira smirked. He'd won and that was satisfying.

"You'll die here, human," the creature snapped.

"Fine," he responded. Akira didn't mind. He was genuinely alright with that fact. Course, he'd been walking that fine line for some time anyway. His fighting was only half hearted, anyone would know if they watched him carefully enough. The exorcist was on the road to getting himself killed, and he didn't care.

The darkness scoffed back at him, but didn't respond. After a few minutes, there was a sound from where the wraith stood and then the exorcist couldn't feel it's presence anymore. He wondered briefly as to what happened, but then again he really could care less. So long as Lucian was alright.

To that thought he ground his teeth together. Why was he so suddenly worried about the demon? It's that damned dream... he cursed, putting all the blame on the strange dream he'd had the night before. It was the only logical thing. Besides, why would the demon have any care for him anyway? He was only a human. The more that he thought about it, the more he was convinced. Akira's words to Lucian that night, about his thinking that the demon was what he was 'missing' had definitely put the other in an uncomfortable situation. Why else would Lucian up and leave so suddenly?

But then, why would he kiss the exorcist too?

Akira sighed heavily and rested his head against his forearm that was stretched out above him on the ground. His other arm was awkwardly down at his side, at a very unnatural angle due to the dislocation. He would have much rather died during a fight, but he supposed this was just as good as any. Protecting something that he cared about, even if it was one sided.


Lucian Faust

"My, that's cold of you don't you think?" the voice came from up above, seated on top of one of the buildings. He was cloaked head to foot, dangling his legs off the side of the roof as he leaned back on his hands to survey the situation.

"Well, I suppose I figured that the little trap wouldn't have gone unnoticed by you, Lucian. Even so, I was hoping to see you go after your little pet. After all, you keep turning back time to save him don't you? Or so I'm told anyway. I don't remember any of this, but you remember it all don't you?"

The figure stood then, climbing slowly to his feet. He stretched his arms up over his head, bending backwards slightly and popping some of the vertebra in his spine. Putting his hands on his hips he turned his hooded face towards the demon.

"I'm a little miffed by the fact that you keep halting my plans, Lucian. Of all the exorcists and demons -and god forbid the angels-" he added with a sigh of annoyance, "You... you are by far the most dangerous. Well, to me anyway. That little nifty power of yours... such an annoyance, Lucian."

Turning, the figure in black began to pace on the rooftop, his hands gesturing as he talked, "I suppose I could just go after you, forget the exorcist or anyone else. I could take you head-on. But the problem with that, Lucian," the figure bent at his waist as if he were going to whisper the next part to the demon, "Is you would want that, wouldn't you? Leave everyone else out, and fight you directly. The other problem with that little idea that I've had in my mind is unfortunately, I would lose."

He flipped his hand around in a circle, annoyance in his voice, "It's that little time thing of yours again. The more you turn back time, the more you learn about me. It’s very inconvenient don’t you think? So, I’ve been enjoying going after your human. I can put him through hell you know, I can bring him to the brink of death, and you know the best part? You’ll just turn back time so he doesn’t die. Then I, get to do it, all, over, again,” he said each word very slowly and precisely at the end.

“But I’m getting tired because of your lack of response. You either avoid the situation, or you’re so schooled at keeping your emotions at bay that you have nothing to show in the first place. Quite the mood killer, Lucian,” the man hissed in anger. Standing straight again he paced along the rooftop once more, “You know I think he’s begun to realize that you’re something of importance to him. It’s not quite love just yet, but it’s getting there. Disgusting really, why love a demon of all things? And you, nonetheless. It really does irritate me.”

He shook his head, the hood of the cloak and robe the only thing to move to indicate it, “So, I have a proposition to make to you, dear Lucian,” the man seated himself then, dangling his legs on the side to stare directly at the demon below him, his gloved hand lifted in the direction of where the street had exploded not too long ago, “I can kill him right now and you can turn back your time and we start this whole thing over again, just so I can… well, kill him again. Or!

“You quite using your time magic and I’ll just… have fun with him in an awful attempt to get a reaction out of you, because it’s ever so entertaining. In the meantime, I won’t kill him, and you’re free to go about whatever it is you want to do in the meantime. All because I’m rather tired of you stopping me when things get good at the end. And don’t even try to cast anything, I’m much faster than you are, trust me, dear Lucian.

“Oh, and one more thing before you decide, Lucian. I know you’ve been dying to know how I know about you and Akira Hikaati as well as everyone else. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so willing to trust all who hold power, hm? Just think about it. Now, your answer. Time’s ticking, Lucian. He’s losing all the precious lifeblood as we speak,” he finished condescendingly, his hand that was pointed towards the wreckage started to twist slightly in a slow circle.