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located in Xen, a part of It's a Masquerade, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Allena smiled at the cat as he leapt up onto her shoulder. She scratched his ears gently, and he whispered into her ear. "She has the princess's eyes." That simple sentence almost broke her on the spot, but Allie regained her composure very quickly. She smiled at the girl and he issued the riddle. She was thinking about the dress while he did so, and where she had hidden it.

She didn't register it when she answered correctly. Cameron leaped off her shoulder and told her, gesturing for her to get the dress. She watched as she ran away, and Allie sighed softly. "Go on after her, I'll be there soon. And I'll catch up. Don't forget to be a little gentler, it's a lot to take in." She stepped away, her hair turning silver. She leaped away just as she changed into her unicorn form.

Allie cantered all the way to the place she had hidden the dress. It was the purest place in the whole land...And the perfect place to hide something. Wind chimes filled her ears, and she looked around...To find a fox-eared man meditating. She looked a little longer, before tossing her head and walking around to where he stood. She used her long, elegant horn to tap the rocky formation across from the man, as customary for her to do. She was compelled to enter the spirit realm too, but resisted. She knew he could sense her anyway. She walked over to a hollow tree nearby, and carefully hooked the dress with her horn. Once it was safely on her horn, she laid it across her back gently, so it didn't touch the ground and didn't get ruined. She turned to leave.