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Snippet #2425549

located in Bran - Transylvanian Court, a part of Blutsband, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bran - Transylvanian Court

The town of the Blood Vampire Court.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Crisella Huminglark Character Portrait: Christopher Ward
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Lacare Wrote:

Crisella slipped out of the mansion and down the streets of Transylvania with her ill-gotten gains from the rich, old man still sleeping in his bedchamber from his late-night entertainment which she'd managed to "accidently" pass him out from, not like that was hard for her or anything. As she counted up the amount of money she had stolen from a secret compartment in his home, she realized how sad it might be for his wife to find him in the nude... and without his wedding band. Normally, she wouldn't have stolen something like that because, well, that could easily be traced and remembered by people in the area, but she wanted it so much this time... so it didn't matter how easily she could be tracked by it.

In truthfulness, she simply wanted to give it to a man she had seen the other evening, very late into the night. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen, but he seemed to not even notice her as she walked by him. Such a disinterest caused her to realize how difficult he would be to catch, but maybe a little gift could reign in his interests for her. After all, she only needs the gold to catch his eye. She'd hold his interests well enough after that.

Finally squeezing herself through little notch, just barely big enough for her to fit through, Crisella found herself in what she considered her home. It was nothing at all, really, just a few wooden planks serving as shelving for her shoes or dresses or money or foodstuffs or really anything she found necessary to store, and six or seven pillows she was using for a mattress. It was a wonder she didn't have too many rats in her home beneath homes, let alone fleas or mites or lice. However, she still didn't. Smiling gently at her tiny compartment and her belongings, she placed the ring down on a "shelf" and stripped off her dress, admiring the wounds she found on herself from the previous night's encounter. Will those not be useful for later? The man, who's name I overheard as Christopher, must find softness in his heart for a poor, attractive, beaten girl. One who may also be a little more of interest to him to beat further. Sweetly smirking, she picked a different dress and placed it on her thin body, not forgetting to pick the ring back up either, and viewed her dress, its crinkles and beauty, and the ring she held in her frail, little hand within a cracked, muddied mirror. Yes, she had determined this to be the perfect outfit to catch the rich Christopher's riches, but maybe she shouldn't go out yet... I have already taken a risk tonight by not waiting a few more hours to come home... what about the rumors of vampires? If they're true... No, they're not, I should stop concerning myself with such matters. She managed to convince herself of the lies within rumors and forced herself to quickly exit her home, tearing her dress only slightly, and starting down the street to the spot where she had first, and since often, seen the man, Christopher.

Gladis Wrote:

hristopher yawned as he stretched in his seat by his work desk, racking hand through his raven black hair and shutting his eyes for a moment. He had been up all night taking care of paperwork and replying and to letters from some of the nobles. Now, he was to be frank; exhausted. When he opened his purplish red eyes again, he looked even more tired than before. He may be a vampire, but even Christopher needed sleep now and then... and what he needed most of all was blood. It was true that he had been feeding not long ago and should have been content with it, but considering how much energy he had burned on all this, including running errands in town as the court itself was in turmoil and chaos and he honestly couldn't trust anyone... it was only understandable that he needed more. Well, at least soon.

Standing up, he shut the lid of his laptop and yawned again, pulling up his jacket from his chair and starting out of the study, trying to wake himself slightly by shaking his head. It didn't help, though. He still felt exhausted. He put on the jacket and and strode out of the office, stuffing his hands in his pockets and starting out of the castle. He knew he couldn't take a long break and soon had to get back to work, but surly he could allow himself a short one? He hoped no one would mind... for it seemed helping people around court with all different kinds of tasks seemed to be all he was doing these days. To be honest, he couldn't remember what else he had done since the queen's death... and he hoped that a new monarch would be chosen soon; one which would not abuse the power. Their queen had been a good ruler and so he hoped her successor would be too.

Christopher walked along the castle grounds in silence, pushing up his glasses as he noticed they had slid down slightly and then yawning again. "Now, where to go?" he mumbled to himself, glancing around for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and starting towards the vampire bar he often spent his free minutes in. Just taking a glass or blood or beer sounded like a good idea for the moment... even if Christopher really preferred a glass of nice wine, preferably mixed with delicious and notorious blood. Such things, however, would have to wait for dinner.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks as he saw the girl he had seen many times before, although never bothered to pay attention to. This time she was wearing a slightly torn dress, though... and there were bruises covering her body, even if they were only barely visible in the dim moonlight. Frowning, Christopher tilted his head and approached her, watching the girl hesitantly before clearing my throat to call her attention.

"Excuse me, my lady... may I ask if you are quite well? It late now, a dangerous time for a girl your age to be out alone... in such a dangerous area," he pointed out and arched an eyebrow.

Lacare Wrote:

Crisella jumped slightly from the sudden voice ahead of her as she suppressed her smirk of delight jumping inside her from him speaking to her. "U-uhm, yes, sir... I just..." She paused and looked up intently at him, with a slight hint of innocence, as she batted her dark eyelashes outlining her stunning, blue eyes. Looking down again, she opened up her hand. "I just found this... and I wanted to make something of it, you see..." She trailed off, slightly tilting her head to look up at him once again before shifting her eyes down. Feeling like she might lose him with such a simple story, she quickly began to add rambled-together details. "W-well, if my father hadn't kicked me out, then i-it would really have been fine... but he was completely alcoholic and angered with me for buying this dress with my birthday money. You see, kind sir, I only just turned 17 and I wanted to have something nice, so I spent my money. He was mad, that's all..." She frowned slightly as she heightened her eyes once again and allowed her lip to quiver ever so slightly as she looked into his gleaming eyes. I think that's convincing enough, but if he wants more detail on the ring, I found it and plan to gain some money to buy food, that's all... and as far as my age, well, he never has to know that, right? However, she quickly determined to finish filling out the details before he could begin to suspect wrong intentions. "I just wanted food..." She whispered gently, smiling sweetly and with a soft innocence about her.

(I have added a location for Transylvania, as to get a little order into everything... so, as soon as the characters arrive there/or are there, please post in Transylvania. So, now I will write a reply for Christopher, and then later everything else. ^^)