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Snippet #2425553

located in Bran - Transylvanian Court, a part of Blutsband, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bran - Transylvanian Court

The town of the Blood Vampire Court.


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Character Portrait: Crisella Huminglark Character Portrait: Christopher Ward
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Christopher a slight smirk in her eyes, although she tried to suppress it in general- and actually managed quite well. Still, he could feel it, and he found it very suspicious. There most certainly was something off about this girl, even if he couldn't put his finger on what. In fact, he had the feeling she would trick him terribly- somehow. It wasn't that hard tricking Christopher because of how kind he was and always tried to help in whatever situation, whenever he could... and it had happened before that he'd been taken advantage off that way. However, at the same time she did look hurt, and honestly... how much of that can a human fake? He paused as she spoke, tilting his head in mild curiosity.

"U-uhm, yes, sir... I just... I just found this... and I wanted to make something of it, you see..."

He arched his eyebrow as she showed him the ring, not quite knowing what to make of it. Then she began rambling about an alcoholic father and Christopher frowned. His expression darkened; his mouth tightened in concern and his eyes narrowed. He knew too well how it was growing up with an alcoholic father and had actually experienced similiar situations himself. Despite how much he told himself he couldn't- he wasn't supposed to pity this human girl... he did. He couldn't help it. When he looked at her now, he could see himself. Honestly? It freaked him out. However, there was still something off about her, he decided, so he would have to be careful about this situation.

"I see... " Christopher said wearily, watching her carefully. "I do not understand what the ring has to do with it all, though..." he stated softly with a sigh, shaking his head. He knew very well that she could have stolen the ring, but since he had no proof and he wasn't the one to judge on appearance, he wouldn't question it. However, Christopher didn't find it very believable that she was seventeen, as she actually looked younger. Not that he would question this either, at least not yet. It didn't matter to him if she pretended to be older or not... she was not his child so why should he care?

"I just wanted food..."

Christopher knew he couldn't take her back to Bran Castle, although he was rather tempted to. Mainly because he would give her some food and then send her off again. He didn't believe that her father would have truly kicked her out and didn't want her back... then again, if he was an alcoholic there was a possibility that she was the one who had run away. It would most certainly not have been the first time that happened.

"If you are hungry... I might be able to get you something. However, you shouldn't trust random strangers on the street. As far as you are concerned, I could be a mass murderer or rapist... or maybe simply just a creep hunting for pretty young girls in the night. "I will help you now, girl... but you better be more careful in the future, understood?" he asked, looking at her sternly for a moment before starting to walk towards a small restaurant he visited sometimes. There was a chance they would still be open. What he would do after he had fed her... Christopher still had to figure out.

After a few steps, he glanced at her. "You coming?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.