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Snippet #2425729

located in Bran - Transylvanian Court, a part of Blutsband, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bran - Transylvanian Court

The town of the Blood Vampire Court.


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Character Portrait: Crisella Huminglark Character Portrait: Christopher Ward
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Up close, Crisella was able to admire him more than she had had the chance to do so before. She could tell he was a kind and caring man through his eyes, but she could also tell, as she rambled on her halfway-falsified story about being kicked out, that he sympathized with her story for some reason or other. Unlike most people, he listened to her childlike ramble in near silence and didn't comment or say how sorry he was for her misfortune, and, deep within her mind, a flame flickered around about how he may have been like her once.

Finally, after her rushed ramblings, he spoke to her, "I see... I do not understand what the ring has to do with it all, though..." Widening her eyes ever so slightly, she inwardly panicked. What if he had seen through her story completely? She quickly recomposed herself and determined that very unlikely, otherwise he would have walked away or called for the guards of the city to haul her off to the nearest orphanage or jail, but still... he didn't take the bait as she had expected him to, worrying her slightly. In all truthfulness, she needed his wealth and riches because, by the research she had done, he had plenty of it and she really wanted to leave the filth which she resided in... but she needed more money to do that. At the very least, he was letting her keep the ring and she'd be able to pawn it off for a good deal of money at a jeweler's or somewhere else.

Crisella watched her victim with intent eyes, hoping he would take her back to his place for food and then she could work her charms in and allow things to slide downhill. However, he appeared to not have the same plan as most other victims and only wanted to take her to a small restaurant nearby for food. Biting her lip slightly, making it appear as if she is nervous to follow him when, in reality, she found herself thinking about her next move, she acknowledged his warning, mostly finding it worthless to listen to. Of course he would not realize so, but she had already found a few of those, and, although they were scary, she had made it through.

"You coming?" Christopher asked her, shocking her out of her thoughts which had ventured to the darker corner of her mind, she jolted ever so slightly and started after him, slipping the ring back into a pocket in the dress. She also stuck next to him very closely, more naturally and less forced than she had expected of herself. Why would she feel protected by her own victim? How could she be so naive? She shook away her thoughts immediately and simply kept close to him, walking with him to the restaurant and planning out her next move.