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Hyuna Ka-Nan

The Oni shrugged before answering the question, after accepting a coin from that not-quite-beast man beside her. "Sorry, haven't been to Yuna-Yae and never heard of this Yuwen person." However, before Hyuna could curtly turn away and look for more leads, the Oni almost seemed to will her to stay, with what seemed like genuine kindness. Still, kindness doesn't really exist, at least, not to someone who's seen what Hyuna has, and her eyes narrowed momentarily. "However, if you're interested in a tale of the infamous outlaw, the Monkey Kind, I suggest you pull up a seat!"

Outlaw, huh? I've been gone for a while, but... hmmm...

"Sure, I love hearing stories about him!" She chirped innocently, still trying to act weak so she can pull off her surprise attack justn in case. Just in case. And, well, if an opening makes itself apparent, why not try and kill the oni and take his money? There should be no harm of that, especially if she can make another illusion of a beast, right before the strike. So maybe rumors will arise of a shape shifting demon, rather than a young girl, and she can continue to move around safely. Take any advantage, right? And, hey, more money means more food and carriage fares, which means more chances to hunt down Yuwen. And, just maybe, Yuwen might be trying to go after the Monkey King, if he's still the fun-loving adventurer at heart that he was years and years ago.

If so, then Hyuna would definitely go on the hunt for the Monkey King.

In the corner of her eye, she saw a goblin-woman, eyeing the entertainer oni, at the port. Somehow, this goblin was distinct from the other people in the area, but Hyuna couldn't exactly place why or how.

"You live here?" She called, and Hyuna answered for him.

"Nah, he's just a travelling entertainer." She replied, cautiously, prepared to whip her spear out at any moment. If there's anything Hyuna hates, of course, it's goblins. It's always goblins. The damn things, too weak to even fight back in their slavery, and too pathetic to really warrant any help. It's almost as if the things like being slaves, or something, the ones that still are. So, when seeing a seemingly free goblin, Hyuna couldn't help but be at guard and have somewhat of a knee-jerk distrust reaction.

She then turned back to the oni impatiently, muttering under her breath for him to hurry up and tell the story, still acting outwardly as an innocent female peasant. However, a careful onlooker could see that she was analyzing the area, and almost endlessly calculating the best way to escape if a fight broke out, which they are want to.