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"Ah, excellent," Suiken grinned, happy another spectator would join him. Turning towards the goblin who asked him if he was a native, he shook his head. While he appreciated the woman answering for him, he would rather answer the goblin himself. "Afraid not," he said, quite thankfully. Poyo wasn't awful, but it was just a little...well, way too small for him. "I'm a traveller and musician. Never been in one place too long," he added, before returning to the task at hand. his next performance!

He reached into his pack and drew out the drum he had used in his recent telling of, "The Tale of the First Emperor," and placed it on the ground in front of him. He then drew out a peculiar instrument, a set of reeds of various size, tied together by vine and attached to a stand placed in front of the drum. With his mallets now in hand, his arms raised high over his head and slammed down on the drum with such force that the impact, caused air to blow through the reeds, giving them a unique sound.

"Ah, this will be...the first time I've used one of my specialty instruments in a while. Should be fun," he grinned as he began to create a steady beat on the drum, 'BAMbadabadaBAMbadabadaBAMBAMBAMbadabdaBADABA!' while at the same time causing an odd but rythmic tune to flow out of the reeds as he began his song.

Ooooooooooh Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii've heard every guard in every town, in every kingdom sing

their woes and complaints about the Monkey King

That fiendish mammal surely can swing

Through every tree and every vine as he takes ev-er-y-thing

'He's conniving!' they say!

'He's stolen the shine from the stars and robbed the light from the day!'

'He's deadly!' I hear!

'He drinks bowls of blood and his laugh lives on in your fears!'

Ooooooooooh Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii've heard every mercenary and assassin sing

that it won't take long before they catch the Monkey King

They've traced his en-ti-re crime ring

And they feel it won't be long before they clip his wings

'He's just a dumb monster!' I've heard one assassin say!

'I've slain three demons every night, so what's one big gorilla today!'

'I hear he's half god!' I heard one mercenary tell.

'But hey my uncle is the River god, and he can send that ape to a watery hell!'

And then....there was one old noble with an unbelievable tale

He said the Monkey King destroyed his farm and any attempts to stop him failed.

But what was it, this great conquest of the Monkey King? What was the goal of this mischievous ape?

Why did he destroy the village and wreck this nobles farm? Why, he was hungry and started searching for some grapes!

OOOOOH IIIIIII'VE traveled far and wide and heard many things!

But from what I concluuuuuuuuude! No one knows a thing about the Monkey King!

And with one final slam at his drums, Suiken concluded this song. "This was one that started around a while back," he muttered. "But, I've added a bit of my own lyrics based on some traveling experiences I've had," he grinned nostalgically. "So, how was it?" he asked.