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Yamato smirked, her chi was rather impressive. He took a relaxed stance while she spoke, "Why are you so different?" The question was common, one he'd always had an answer to. Before he could answer, she continued to speak. He listened as she spoke of the Tengu who fell to her. He folded his arms as her speech drifted off, her gaze now over his shoulder. "Than man from the bridge...what's he after?" He thought before she started again, "Anyways," he sensed a tone of respect in her voice. One that made him nearly smile. This was what he lived for, what he desired most from the world. "Do you know of the noble Yuwen Lu-Tan, and if so, where he could be right now?"

He thought about it for a moment, while he thought she dissolved her demon. A trick he could see assuring her victory against his kind and many others. It could prove valuable to help him get what he wanted. "I've never met a man with that name, but I have heard of him. An adventurer, or something. I'd only ever heard of him in passing, never too eager to learn more." He shrugged and readied himself to leave, sheathing his katana. She was a threat, but he could tell she no longer desired a fight. "...if you don't mind, I'd like to learn from you... and get stronger. I've got a lot of coin, if you want that. I... uh, I apologize for the misunderstanding."

He request stopped him before he could leave. He stood there a second, thinking through what she said, what her intentions could be. He hadn't trained anyone in years, not since he murdered his clan. To him they were weak, too busy trying to fight the path to enlightenment. All he wanted was the power he knew came with his skills. People respected power and he wanted the world to know of his. Perhaps a desire born from being the youngest son of a prominent businessman in a society with few other options. He sought so much more from life, maybe she did too. She was strong, he could not deny that.

"No apology necessary. I'll attribute it to your keen instincts, anyone would be smart to stay our of my way. It takes strength or a great load of stupidity to challenge me." He looked over his shoulder at the man who followed them from the bridge. "You are strong and I believe we may be able to help one another." He smiled, "I accept your offer and will teach you what I know."

He stepped towards her, watching her gaze cast again over his shoulder, he too turn to face the man now. "I don't suppose you are looking for a fight are you? Or where you hoping to call dibs on my apprentice here, because I can assure, she can cut you in half in less time then it would take you to blink."