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'Sir', the beast-man called him. Formalities like that, he wasn't used to, although by all accounts, he should've been, given what he had back home...Ah, well. Now wasn't the time to dwell on the past. Now was the time for a story and an old favorite at that. He wouldn't need his drum or any other instrument for this one, so he put them away. He closed his eyes as he began to recall, the story he'd heard once as a child. A story that still stuck with him today.

"The Treasure Of Eoling...

In the midst of the Second Era, the Emperor of that time suffered a great betrayal.

Eoling, soldier of high rank and great reputation in his army, rebelled against him.

The Emperor despised Eoling and looked down upon him with disdain...

Every strategy the Emperor enacted, every time he had his foe cornered...Eoling bested him.

Eoling had gathered a team, capable of opposing even the Emperor!

Chief among his allies was the Necromancer Shén Yin. A wizard the Emperor's forces dreaded to face.

Eoling and his allies faced the might of the entire Imperial army, decimating them, despite their small numbers

They stormed into the Emperor's palace, killed him, and raided the palace before they left the city, parting separate ways

The Emperor's son, furious, hired assassins to hunt them down.

One by one, they fell, even Shén Yin...

Until, finally...Eoling himself.

After the groups defeat, the Empire began to flourish and expand into what it is today.

But the treasures Eoling and his team raided from the castle, were never found..."

"Well, that's my favorite tale," Suiken chuckled. "An interesting one, if you think about it. It's one spread far and wide throughout Yune, although certain lines and interpretations depend on if you hear it in a land that favors the Empire or one that doesn't. Can you see why?"