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Yamato smiled a toothy grin at the man as he walked over, "This little skirmish aside, do you receive a lot of invitations to battle?" Yamato shook his head, "No. I don't tend to get invited into fights. I'm not one to play games, and generally since I left my hell of a town, I've tried to keep my blade clean. Though, there were the few unlucky men that tried to rob me one night. I'm impressed by your bravery, most men would run at the display she conjured, not you tho-"

Just then there was loud whistle and a shot across the street. Suddenly a man in imperial armor was coming at them. Yamato rested his hand on the hilt of his Katana. He wasn't quick enough though, and his new, only, possible friend was thrown to the side. He grit his teeth and gripped the hilt tighter once Prefect Ro began speaking. ""We gotten citizen reports of a human girl fighting a Tengu right here on this street, And you're the only two of that description I see. Do any of you have an explanation for these reports?" Yamato chuckled. "No, you've been misinformed. Happens all the time. We were not fighting. I was just showing my apprentice some new techniques to use in urban conflict." He helped Hyuna to her feet and stepped in front of her. "You see, Prefect, sir, she wants to join my clan of samurai and before I can bring her before the elders in my clan she must pass tests. She has, and I expect you to apologize, and never let this type of misunderstanding happen again." He shook his head, "I mean in what world do imperial guards act so violent on only the word of peasants. I'd say you were scared of something."