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Hyuna Ka-Nan

The beast, hungering for spilt blood awakened once again when she saw Yamato, her Master, unsheathe his katanas in front of the three guards trying to accost them. Creating the illusion of sparkles and a tense, deathly aura, Hyuna unbrandished the spear from behind her cloak, twirling it aggressively until the handle near the guard was in her dominant hand, feeling light and comfortable and ready for use.

Clan Killer, huh? Is that the reason why he doesn't want to be lumped with the current Tengu Monarchy, or whatever it is? Interesting, interesting, I'll have to hear this once we get outta this.

Yamato began his speech, that once again, Hyuna fizzled out as she leapt into the air with such speed that it almost appeared she disappeared and then reappeared directly in front of Ro. But then To charged towards her Master, trying to ram into him with his whole weight.

"Remember me? The Imperial Wetlands Campaign a while back?" Her mouth curved upwards with bloodlust. "I'm the one who ruined your offensive line. Falcon here, Ro, and you really got in my way!"

"I'll take the Prefect, Master." She said to her ally, the air bristling. "We've got old business to settle!" Then she gleefully lunged forwards, aiming directly to shear apart his chest plate and bypass the shield completely. Mid-lunge, she conjured an illusion of herself in front of Ro, and she then she leapt up while he focused on the illusion, and got a mid-air vantage point, perfect for tearing apart heavy armor.

That's when it happened. The alarm of emergency, completely shocking Hyuna out of her groove and dispersing her illusions. And just like that, the whole mess was over. Ro took his other imperials and they headed to the town center, leaving behind the trio after basically ordering them to follow. She looked confusedly at Yamato, wondering exactly what the heck is going on.

"Master? Do we follow? Or should we get away now?"