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The golden armored man accepted the volunteers with little speeches. Keeflo stood with the rest of the little group when another man came on the stage, saying that this Fortune was a farce. The two argued a little, neither giving ground. The orca beast-man struggle to keep himself still. If this was fake he had just brought attention to himself for nothing.

Then an explosion, far nearer and louder than the fireworks Keeflo had admired minutes earlier, blasted the orca beast-man off his feet. He lay there for a moment, stunned, before rolling to his feet and looking around. Tengu swooped down from the skies and attacked. The mayor lay on the ground, pinned by a large piece of wood piercing his back. Civilians screamed and the small amount of guards scrambled to action.

It took a moment for him to take note of all of this before he acted. He was not a very good fighter, so he didn't try to engage a tengu. Instead he knelt by the fallen mayor studied the large wood splinter in the man's back. Closer observation revealed it to be lodged in his left shoulder rather than his back. The bone was definitely broken, but there was a chance the mayor would still live.

Holding Loy-Qui down with one hand and grasping the splinter with the other, Keeflo yanked the wood out of the mayor's shoulder. Blood gushed out of the opening, pooling on the stage. The only thought in Keeflo's mind was preserving the man's life. The orca beast-man took off his cloak and ripped it apart into smaller pieces which he wrapped around the shoulder wound.

A tengu holding a serrated sword of dark metal swooped down. "This man is a nobody to you, water one. What makes us the bad people when he gives fealty to a master so corrupt? Leave him to us."

Keeflo eyed the tengu warily, continuing to apply pressure to Loy-Qui's wound. It was true that Keeflo cared little for the actions of the Empire's government as a whole, but he didn't know anything about the mayor of Poyo other than that he was a little man with a duty to protect his people. If he couldn't do his duty, people would be disorganized and as panicked as they were now. In Keeflo's childhood pod there was not a need for the strict order there was on land, but that didn't mean that Keeflo didn't understand that sometimes the life of one of those representing said strict order was crucial to maintaining it. Even deeper, simpler, than that, this man was a husband, a father, someone who loved and was loved.

The tengu, hissing in impatience, lunged at Keeflo, his sword glinting in the torchlight. Keeflo grabbed the bloodied piece of wood that had been in the mayor's back and managed to parry the tengu's swipe. The red-skinned man jumped back and dashed in at a different angle, slashing Keeflo's back with his sword. This, however provided an opening for Keeflo to clout the tengu on the head with his tail. The crow man fell and didn't rise.

Unheeding the wound on his back, Keeflo took the downed tengu's sword, wrapped it in some strips of cloth from his cloak, and shoved it into his belt. The orca beast-man cast an eye to the sky, watching as tengus circled above. He tied another bandage to the mayor's wound and picked the little man up and walked into the crowd. He hunched over and tried to look inconspicuous as he made his way out side the city. Luckily most of the tengus were caught up in the fray and didn't notice the beast-man and his bundle.

At the outside of the city Keeflo lay Loy-Qui down, pillowing the mayor's head with some dead leaves. Keeflo knew that his medical skills were insufficient to deal with the mayor's wounds but he didn't dare leave him. So he sat beside the human, applying pressure to his wound and picking out smaller splinters.