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Ann watched as they dropped down one by one, each devising their own landing strategy. She kicked a spear into one of her hands, testing its sturdiness before holding it out in front of her to get an eye for its length. She set it vertically on the ground slashed off a small portion of the end, reducing the size of the spear. Sheathing her blade, she grabbed the weapon and, without a second thought, leaped down the pit with the shortened spear held horizontally over her head, using it as a frictional brake, both ends fitting perfectly against the opposite sides of the hole's walls.

Gravity took her down most of the way before finally slowly down to a stop, probably meaning that it had probably become more narrow on the way down or that the spear had caught itself on something along the way. Regardless, she released her grip on the rod and landed lightly on her feet, the distance between the ground herself having been drastically reduced. Whoever came down next could probably use it as a makeshift landing platform given that they had good balance and the spear would take their weight. Several tengu had already taken notice of the group and were beginning to head their way. Her hand found its way to the handle of her weapon.

"Get ready," she said quietly.