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Ann was still standing near the back, silently watching as the orca beastman took hold of the chest and began hauling it up the pit. She didn't really care much for what was in the chest or why so many lives had been lost to try and obtain it so she had nothing to comment on the situation regarding the treasure. It was highly unlikely that she'd end up getting her hands on it anyway so there was no point in thinking about it further.

"I'm hungry," the Monkey King finally spoke. "Anybody else hungry? Who's up for breakfast?" A few nods and phrases of agreement accompanied by growling stomachs were audible in the quiet depths of the underground sanctum. The rabbit-eared woman mentioned something about being low on money and while Ann would normally have spared her some coins, she figured the woman would work something out with the the Monkey King who had robbed her during the festival. She briefly wondered if the giant would contest ownership of the chest, glancing her direction and then at the beastman. The thought only lasted for a while and she found her gaze drifting elsewhere, casually inspecting the others in the room with her.

The oni suggested to the group that they should split the bill for a meal among them and she simply shrugged and said, "I've some coin to spare," her eyes still drifting around the closed space.

She wasn't in much of a mood to challenge the Monkey King anymore but wondered if she should do it anyway, since there didn't seem to any better time than this. On the down side, she had a feeling that the others would not be too happy with that turn of events and it didn't make much sense to peg several capable fighters on herself all at once because she was too impatient to wait for a better opportunity. Still, she was likely to miss out on her bounty at this rate. It wouldn't be so bad to give up on it she supposed, considering how much the last one paid anyway.

No one in the room particularly caught her eye, but it was rare to see so many competent fighters all gathered in the same room. She wondered how many of them she could best in a one-on-one duel, but kept it strictly to a thought. No point in starting a fight just for the sake of challenging each others' skill. Even if the curiosity lingered, battle was no thrill to her: It was simply a necessary means to an end. One that she found herself engaged in constantly. It was what she was good at, after all.

That wasn't to say that she possessed no other talents, but it had always proved to be both her greatest skill and money-making tool. Escorting high-profile figures, acting as a bodyguard, assassination, bounty hunting; if it involved violence, it was more than likely she could pull it off.

Perhaps another time. But for now, all that was left to do was wait.

At length, Ann left her spot at the wall inspected some of the bodies, settling on the higher ranked ones, kneeling by them and closely examining their weapons. She held one of them up the air, drawing it neatly from its scabbard. The quality was excellent, to be sure, but after a few experimental swings, decided that it was far too heavy for her. She slid it back in and set it down on the ground. The age old of dilemma of fighting a balanced weapon that would actually be of use to her. In all honesty, her sword was garbage, but it did its job well enough given that it wouldn't break any time soon. The only reason she hadn't replaced it yet was because of its incredible lightness, which she found much difficulty finding in other blades.

She gave up on the search for now, deciding that this wouldn't be a problem if only she'd spent more time physically conditioning her body. Of course, there was still time for that, but it would be something she'd have to work towards. For now, she'd have to stick with what she had without complaint. She'd been told time and time again that her potential was incredible, but she'd also been told that it was vital to improve her physical performance to unlock it. Her skills alone had carried her this far so she wasn't in any rush, but the thought of becoming a much more potent fighter than before was definitely of intrigue. Not only that, but if she could also figure out how to manipulate chi, tides would certainly turn in her favor. She gave those distant thoughts a rest for the moment.