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Hyuna Ka-Nan

Hyuna, while grateful, just curtly nodded at the orca-man when he gave his suggestion to use the cloth rope he made to get down in the first place. She was more than exhausted, but once at the surface, she could just nab some coffee to regain her energy. Never know when she'd need to be ready for battle again, especially with certain members of the present company. Still, when the orca took the chest and ran ahead, she narrowed her eyes briefly, wondering exactly what the orca could want with it. Seriously, he didn't seem like the self-interested type in the least, so it baffled her.

"Yamato." She muttered back at him once exiting the tunnel. "Keep an eye on the ashuran. You and I can handle the others ourselves, but... she's a threat."

Hyuna then quickly dived into a diner on her own, masking her exhaustion; not willing anyone to see her weak, especially these civilians she just recently helped save. She ordered imported coffee from Sudea, and not long after it was ready, and she sipped the bitter, thick liquid, feeling it swishing down her throat and almost burning at her stomach. Still, it gave her more energy to last a few hours, and she also carried with her some sweets, enough for her and Yamato to share. Upon leaving the diner, she gave haf of the sweets to her ashen-winged friend.

"They're good." She said amicably to him, taking a bite out of one laced with vanilla icing. She moaned with pleasure feeling the delicacy sweeten her tongue. "Ish r'lly g'd!" She exclaimed, rubbing her stomach with content and licking the soft crumbs off of her fingers.

But then, when regrouping with the others, it was all bad news- Ro, the idiot, had come and accused them, accused their freaking saviors of planning the whole thing! It was probably a farce for the Imperials to save face, and Hyuna was quick to voice her opinion angrily at someone who really shouldn't try to fight her on a good day.

"You shamed yourselves when the Tengu got in." She said scowling. "Damned Imperials let the mayor get hit, and we had to step in to save everyone. And this is how you treat the heroes? You're just a bunch of ingrates who should be begging at our feet to accept the money!"

There was no way in hell she'd just surrender- not to a pathetic man like Ro.