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As Keeflo headed towards the wounded mayor a guard stopped him. "Oi! Oi there! Hold on there, old sport," The man said. "You came from the hole? So the others who went down there are still alive?"

Keeflo nodded. "Yes, I need to see the mayor," he said. He may look somewhat threatening with the tengu's bloody sword still in his belt, but surely the guard knew that it was he who had brought the mayor to safety.

When he reached the group of people the one of the people boiling water looked up and said, "Look, the beast-man's back. The mayor's alive and awake, thanks to you."

"I need to see him," the orca beast-man said.

"He's still resting..." the woman said. Then, upon seeing Keeflo's determined expression, she said, "Fine, you can see him, just don't push him too much."

Dipping his head in acknowledgement, Keeflo went to kneel down by the mayor. Loy-Qui had been moved onto a mattress and wore clean bandages. He seemed to be a little better now. "Sir, I brought what the tengus were after to you," Keeflo said, setting the chest by the mayor's bed. "Do you know what is in it?"