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located in North America, a part of Alpha & Omega: Mates, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Rose woke from a pleasant sleep with a whining yawn. She stretched out her paws and shook her fur, slowly opening her eyes to see a bright sunny morning. She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep. Standing up on shaky legs Rose left the comfort of underneath the pine tree to see that the blizzard had struck. And hard. Another two feet of snow had be added to the ground, making the snow almost hit her belly.

Shock ran through Rose as she glanced around the clearly. She knew every single area on her pack land and nothing here looked familiar. She then froze as the lands scent wafted into her nose. She wasn't on Autumn territory, she somehow in her fit of hunger had trialed off into Dark Winter Pack land. Oh no.

Becoming alert Rose flattened her ears and sunk into the snow so only her snow white back could be seen. One good thing about Winter is that she blended in with her surroundings making it harder for others to find her. The crunching of snow caught her attention and in moments a big, blurry grey wolf came into the clearing. And he didn't look happy. He then sniffed around and growled. He knew she was here. Just didnt know where. The grey wolf then howled and Rose knew that howl. He was calling to his pack members.

She needed to get out of here and fast.