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located in The United Kingdom, a part of The Organization: Runaways, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United Kingdom



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Character Portrait: Daniel Wright Character Portrait: Kai Steele
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My eyes shot open, my senses fully alert almost as soon as my blurred vision came into focus and my stare shifted to several places in the room in an attempt to understand where the hell I was. I didn't recognise the room and with each passing moment, I became more paranoid and my breathing was ragged with fear. My vision went brighter and brighter until I felt quite light-headed, and I could've sworn I felt my heart damn near beating through my chest. There was nothing in the room besides a bed, a set of drawers and a security camera, which only added to my paranoia. My first thought at the time went to Kai, and where she was. If they'd taken me to this place, chances are they'd taken her too, as she was the one those guys had targeted first in the fields outside our house. I then looked down at my outfit and frowned some, seeing that I was dressed in plain, baggy clothing.

After a few moments or so, the door opened and my eyes darted over to the two brutish males who had walked in, their disgruntled expressions showing me that they had no intention of treating me nicely. They looked like they were heading straight for me and, out of pure panic, I backed up on the bed until I was stood on top of it with my back pressed against the wall. "Calm down," said the first guy with an unusually deep and rough voice. "You're going to need to come with us," said the other and, now extremely frightened, I shook my head frantically. See, I was fine handling myself in a fight, in awkward family situations and whatever else may have crossed me in my normal life, but I'd never been handcuffed, locked in a small white room and approached by two large men who looked at me like I was about to snap and bite them or something.

They caught me by surprise as they both jumped at me, seemingly at the same time, and held a firm grip on my upper arms as they practically dragged me out of the room. Strangely enough, I felt safer locked in the white room than I did with the guys out in the hallway, which was something that took me a little bit by surprise but was equally understandable as well. I'd have been fine with them if they'd treated me nicely upon approaching me, but no, they decided it would be best to storm up to a person with extreme social anxiety and a man who is pathologically afraid of human contact, and grab him by the arms without so much as a 'how d'you do?'

Well, aren't they just the smartest bunch of dipshits the world has ever known?

I think so.

After being dragged for a long, long while, I was taken into a room that looked similar to my given 'bedroom' in the sense that it was gloomily plain, with only a few pieces of furniture; two chairs and a table. It looked like somebody expected me to be talking to them some time soon. Hah! Good fucking luck to them. When forced to speak, I could be one hell of a stubborn bugger, and not a whole lot could get me to budge on that. It was a thing I'd gotten into as a child; mainly at school, I think, when my teachers would want me to get up and present something to the class, I'd sit and glare at them until they got so spooked that they'd just sigh and give up. It actually worked, for the most part, so I figured why the hell not try it now? Maybe these people were similar to my middle school teachers?

I was sat down in one chair with my handcuffed hands in my lap, my eyes seemingly glued to the floor, even as a woman came through one door and sat down on the chair opposite me. Well, here goes...